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The Episode starts with Ranvi pacifying Veera. He asks her not to cry, as he can’t see her in pain. She asks is there no way, can’t Baldev change now. Ranvi says people become good in love and you loved Baldev, and if he could not change, then he will never change. She says I want to go to Gurudwara. He says at this time. She says I will feel good. He hugs her and asks her to take care. He says remember, you are a brave girl. Veera leaves. Gunjan realizes her mistake of losing money. Chai ji tells Gunjan and Ratan that Simran has added Hing in the Kheer. Gunjan says yes, my mum is working by Simran’s mind these days. Ratan says I m glad that Veera also came there, and it was fun competition.

Ranvi comes and says no, Veera did not forget anything till now, she is in pain. I m feeling helpless,

I m her brother and unable to do anything. Gunjan says she has an idea, shall we go to Mumbai for few days, Veera can go far from this thing. She thinks Ranvi should agree now. Ranvi says Gunjan is right, but I can’t come till case ends. Gunjan says fine, we all will go. Chai ji says how can we go leaving Ranvi, and Veera is strong, she will fight with this situation being here, we all will be together. Gunjan thinks she can’t bear the burden of her loans.

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Veera prays in the Gurudwara and says something should happen that Ranvi and Baldev are proved innocent. Jaggi and Billa scold Teja and Navjot. Billay says why should Baldev get punished, and he lost respect too, what about it. Veera thinks to call Baldev, but he won’t take it. She thinks to go Chaupaal and see if he is there. Jaggi says how can you put wine in Baldev’s godown, be ashamed, he gave the keys and you did this. Teja says you took it from us and kept it in Ranvi’s godown. Veera hears everything and is shocked.

Baldev sees Veera’s name in contacts and wants to call her. He puts the mobile and says it will be good if she goes away from his memories, as if she never came in his life. He thinks about her. He says this wound remind me about you, I don’t want this marks and takes the blade. Simran sees him hurting himself and stops him. She says are you taking your life. He says stop it, I was not doing that, don’t tell anyone. She says she can conceal any secret and he can trust her. He asks her to leave. She says she has to do the first aid. He says I will do it, you go.

She says I will do it, I m your friend and I can’t leave you. He says fine. Simran does the first aid. Veera scolds everyone and says this made her relation end with Baldev. Billa says we did mistake, we will tell everyone the truth. Teja and Navjot say they won’t tell anything. Billa says we will accept our mistake, but Baldev and Veera can’t bear the punishment, lets go to police station. Teja and Navjot start running. Billa and Jaggi catch them. Veera says now truth will be out, come. Amrit tells Bansuri about Baldev and Simran being together. Bansuri is happy and says I want Veera to be out of his life. Amrit says see how Simran makes him forget the bad dream Veera.

Rajveer looks at the ring and thinks Baldev’s promise ring… Veera did not wear it, she can wear this ring which I will give her very soon. Veera comes to her and says truth is out. She says Baldev is innocent, he did not know about illegal wine, they did this. Jaggi and Billa tell everything. Even Teja and Navjot accept it.

Veera says my heart was saying my Baldev is innocent, will you clear all blames from him. Rajveer says yes. She says Baldev is free now. Rajveer says I m glad that you found the truth, now I will make their chargesheet, you go home. She thanks him and leaves. Rajveer gets angry and arrests everyone. He looks at the ring and throws it. He removes his uniform and goes to beat them. Teja says why are you beating us, we admitted our crime. Rajveer says he will punish them and beats them. Billa says we will accept punishment by law. Rajveer bears them like a devil got into him.

He says you felt you will fool me. The constables talk what happened to Rajveer today. Gulati stops Rajveer and says if anything happens to them, he will get suspended. Rajveer says they have broke the law and beats them. Gulati stops him. Rajveer says their crime was not to frame Ranvi and Baldev, but that they told you the truth and ruined my plan, I won’t lose, I will get you. Ranvi says he will go and see Veera, she got late. Veera comes home and says she is very happy. Veera says Baldev changed, he is innocent, he did not know about the illegal wine, its proved, I heard the guys talking.

Balwant tells Baldev about the matter, and how his friends wanted revenge from Ranvi. Baldev asks how do you know. Balwant says they accepted it infront of police, Veera proved you innocent. Gunjan hugs Veera. Everyone is happy. Veera asks Ranvi why is he quiet now, if he doubts her, he can ask Rajveer. Ranvi says don’t say this again, I don’t doubt on you, I trust you more than myself, I m happy that an innocent person got the blame removed. She says I agreed to you and did not meet him, even when he is proved innocent, I first came to tell you, now I want to meet him, can I go? Ranvi looks at Ratan.

Baldev gets a letter and reads it. Simran gives him matchbox and asks him to burn Veera’s memories as she does not deserve his love.

Update Credit to: Amena

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