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The Episode starts with Ranvi getting senses and talking to Geet. She tells him that he was not in his senses. He says I hope I did not say or do anything wrong. She says she knows he has told the truth of his life. He asks what. She says you love and respect Gunjan a lot. He smiles. She asks him to change and she will get lemon water for him. Gunjan comes there and sees Ranvi wearing his jacket and keeping the blanket. She cries. Geet gives lemon water and says your headache will go soon. He thanks her. She asks him to believe his truth always and he leaves. Gunjan comes to Geet and sees Geet’s earrings on the floor.

Geet asks her how did she come in morning. Gunjan asks why, if my husband can spend the night here, can’t I come here in morning. Geet says she is misunderstanding. Gunjan slaps her

and asks her to be ashamed, till when will she use her daughter. Geet says you made issue before too. Gunjan says I have seen now how my husband was changing here and why was he thanking you, why did you stop him here when he was not in the state to go. Geet says Gunjan…

Gunjan says why did you not make him leave. Geet says he was drunk, he was not able to walk. Gunjan says he does not drink. Geet says I don’t know why he was drunk. Gunjan says maybe you used him and trapped seeing him in drunken state, did you use this before, so Tai ji got you here and wanted to make you marry Baldev. Geet asks what is she saying. Gunjan says don’t shout, you don’t have right to talk. Geet says there is nothing like that, Ranvi slept here on sofa, I slept in my room. Gunjan asks where is your earring, what happened that this fell. Geet says she can explain, but she is doubting and will not believe.

Gunjan says you snatched my husband and using your daughter. She says you gave training to Deepu, tell me, you made Deepu in his life and made him feel that I m incomplete, leave from this pind with your daughter if you have shame, leave my husband. She leaves angrily. Geet cries.

Gunjan comes home and sees Ranvi. He asks where was she. She asks did I ask you where were you last night. Ranvi says I was with Baldev. Gunjan says Baldev came there in marriage. Ranvi says I went to meet Deepu. Gunjan says this is old excuse, Deepu was in marriage, why don’t you say you were with Geet. He says don’t start again. She says she has seen him wearing clothes and she was giving you lemon water, the earring was on the floor. He says you are misunderstanding, I was there, but nothing happened. She says she understood everything., he made her feel guilty that she is doubting him, but she was right, Ratan died one week ago and he started doing all this. He raises his hand to slap her and stops.

He asks is she mad, what is she thinking. She says you want me to leave from your life so that you can stay with Geet, fine I will leave. She locks him in the room and says she will leave forever. He asks whats this madness, open the door. She sees the knife in apple basket and takes it. He asks her to open the door. She closes eyes to cut her wrist. Ranvi comes down and gets shocked seeing her. He shouts Gunjan and tries to stop her.

She says she loves him a lot, she will not bear anything, don’t lie to me. He says there is nothing. She asks him to accept it. He says he loves just her. She says she will kill herself if he comes close. He says he is not coming close. He says Veera and diverts her. He takes knife from her. Geet cries and recalls Gunjan’s words. Deepu comes and asks her did Ranvi come, did he give this gift. She says she will meet Ranvi and goes.

He says she loves him and asks her to be alive for him. She says she knows he will go to Geet once she dies. He asks what is she saying, he went to meet Deepu. She says you spent time with her, how can I trust you. He says how to make you trust. She says he is not a fool that he is not understanding that Geet is trapping him using Deepu, she is ashamed of her, she was thanking Lord to get a husband like him, but she feels she has sacrificed her life.

Balwant and Bansuri are at Gurudwara. He says he feels Gunjan still has doubt on Ranvi, and Geet is now their responsibility. He gets worried. Gunjan tells Ranvi that Baldev will not leave him, and this will affect Veera, Ranvi did not think once. He asks her to trust him. She does not listen to him. He says enough, you are not thinking about me, I m not worried about Baldev, what will he say, I love you since childhood, there is nothing between me and Geet, I did not know Deepu went in marriage, my mistake is I was drunk and went there, I should have not gone, I just love you, why don’t you trust me. They cry.

Gunjan says she is worried that she will lose Ranvi and discusses with Baldev and Veera. Baldev asks what should we do to end your fear. Gunjan says get Geet remarried to someone.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. thank god.. plz end the problems b/w gunjan. they need their own baby. make everyone realise the truth about that devil manjeet.

  2. no way, gunjan have no right to ask them to get Geet married to someone else.i hope she lose ranvi

    1. She ‘ ll never lose Ranvi
      Misunderstanding as San relationship me hotii heee

  3. Daaaata s a better idea

  4. U saying gunjan should leave ranvir wil u b able to bear seeing another person giving ur husband happiness u were unable to giv u wil do worst dan gunjan

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