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The Episode starts with Baldev and Veera walking. Veera laughs seeing Baldev getting scared by a street man. She says I have an idea, now I challenge you to earn money, by competing with him. He says are you mad, shall I become joker, everyone will laugh in Pind. She says who will tell them, trust me. He says why, are you my wife or GF. She says fine, I promise I will not tell anyone. He says I don’t want to compete. She says fine and goes. Baldev sings the song playing guitar…. Pani da rang dekhke………….. People give some money to Baldev. Veera smiles.

People clap for him. Baldev shows the money to Veera and says see, you lost, I earned more than you. Veera says when did you sign so well. He says you think only Ranvi can sing. She says no, I m knowing a new thing every day about you. Yaara

ve…………..plays……………….They leave. Gunjan tries to tell Ranvi that Sonia is lying. Ranvi does not believe her. Gunjan says I don’t know why is she lying. He scolds her for blaming Sonia. He says I know you were nervous to go in inauguration, but why did you cook a fake story, enough now, you always lied before and again now, why, I felt you have changed, but no, you are still kiddish.

Gunjan says trust me, I changed, what will I get to lie, Sonia is lying. He says enough, lets go home now. Sonia sees them and smiles. She thinks its my first victory, if Balwant sees your life shattering, then I will tell him how he ruined my life. Gunjan says whats this happening. Ranvi left me here, its not my mistake, I m not lying, Sonia is lying, but why is she doing this, I felt she is a good friend. Baldev and Veera come back to the field.

Baldev says we should reach on time. They meet Sahil. Sahil says Neel Sir said your dinner is cancelled, as you came late. She asks whats this. Sahil says I can’t help you. She says it’s the limit, he is human or hitler, he is torturing us, we came here to learn, not to become servants. She says I will talk to him. Sahil says relax, please. Veera says how, I will find him. Baldev says lets go. Veera says no, I want to talk to him alone. Sahil says Veera stop.

Veera comes to Neel angrily and shouts Mr. Neel. He gets tensed and turns. Veera gets angry on him and scolds him. She says tell me why are you torturing us, as you have bear all the expenses. Neel signs Sahil to leave. Sahil leaves. Veera says about her pind, her dad’s dream….. She says I want to learn form you, but you are giving stupid tasks and wasting our time. She says I had hope from you that my dad’s dream will be fulfilled, you will help me, so I came here, I did not know I will meet a stone hearted man here. Neel says stop it Veera. She gets shocked.

Veera asks what did you say, you called me Rankhdi, how do you know. Neel denies. Veera says no, I heard, but only family calls me this. Neel says stop it and listen to me, go back if you don’t want to do the tasks. I don’t care. He leaves. Veera comes to Baldev and he asks what Neel said. She says what Neel called her, and he denied it after saying. Baldev says how can he know this name. Veera says don’t know, when I saw him, I felt I know him, did we meet before and he knows my pet name. Baldev says don’t know, I also feel I saw him, maybe its just thinking.

Veera says no, I feel we saw him. She says there is something about this, help me in finding out whats going on. Baldev says yes,come. They leave. Baldev and Veera come to Neel’s house to find out who is he and how does he know them. Veera gets a pic of Nihaal, Ratan, her and Ranvi. She is shocked. She thinks about Nihaal and smiles. Baldev is shocked too seeing it. She says Nihaal chachu.

Veera meets Neel and says Nihaal chachu. He is shocked hearing this. She cries. He says who Nihaal chichi, what nonsense. She shows him the pics and he stops.

Update Credit to: Amena

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