Veera 4th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Veera 4th July 2013 Written Episode, Veera 4th July 2013 Written Update

The episode started with the flashback continuing. Nihaal and Sampooran watching TV and as soon as Sampooran heard Ratan’s voice in the documentary, he ran towards the television and started calling out to her. Nihaal was surprised to see this but looked on as the excited Sampooran bounced back up on his feet, too excited at the fact that Ratan had forgiven him. He hugged Nihaal happily and told him he would go back to Ratan, back to his village.

He was running out of the house enthusiastically when he fainted near the door. Nihaal quickly called the doctor. When the doctor came, he took of the chain around Sampooran’s neck and placed it in the red cloth. When Sampooran gained his consciousness, he began excited again to go back to the village even when the doctor advised some rest.

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then shown how Nihaal and Sampooran were on the jeep, the former driving it. Nihaal and Sampooran talked on their way about Sampooran’s life and how happy he was to be going back after five years. Sampooran kept on insisting Nihaal to drive the jeep faster and so he did.

Then suddenly, the jeep stopped. Sampooran got off and they both tried fixing it and soon succeeded. It was shown how Sampooran stood in front of the jeep when it started (im so sorry i wrote a tractor in the precap yesterday ), Sampooran instructed Nihaal to reverse. But due to some problem with the gear, instead of reversing the jeep, Nihaal took it forward sending Sampooran flying off the cliff.

Nihaal ran after Sampooran who was hanging from a rock and tried his best to save him, lending him a hand on which Sampooran soon lost his grip. Sampooran told Nihaal he didn’t want to die but his time has come and now he shall never see Ratan and go back to her. He told Nihaal to go to his village and tell his family he was coming and tell him how his Sampooran couldn’t make it. Nihaal kept shouting out to Sampooran that nothing would happen to him and that he should grab his hand again, but Sampooran denied. He wouldn’t take hold of his hand but kept telling Nihaal to take his message to Preetampura.

Soon Sampooran’s grip over the rock loosened and he fell down the trench. The shocked Nihaal ran towards his jeep and drove it down the cliff and kept shouting out Sampooran’s name and kept looking for him but to no avail.

He told Chaiji how he that day had failed to find Sampooran. Nihaal cried and told Chai ji how that led him to Preetampura and he came here to give Sampooran’s message to them but looking at their hopes of Sampooran returning, looking at Ranvi and Veera’s happiness, he wasn’t able to tell them. He tried his best but he couldn’t think of breaking them down completely and couldn’t get himself to tell them until now.

Nihaal handed Sampooran’s belongings to Chai ji who got hysterical looking at his things. Nihaal joined his hands in front of Chai ji and begged for apology but Chai ji, the angered mother, stood up and slapped Nihaal across the face. The screen froze on Nihaal’s downcast face.

Precap: Chai ji yelling at Nihaal to leave the village and Nihaal begging her just forgive him. Chai ji asked him to never take Ratan’s name again or she would break him into pieces and throw them outside. :

Update Credit to: ElmoFuj

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