Veera 4th January 2013 Written Episode Update


Ratan is crying, Chaiji comes and consoles her saying veera doesnt knw anything
Ratan tells chaiji everything what gurpreet said
Veera comes and tells ratan to sign her form otherwise she cant go school
Chaiji says she will do it

Veera refuses and says she is moti chaiji, not her mother
Ratan signs and keep looking at veera
Ranvi comes and says they forgot something
Ranvi is too much

Veera says sasri akal to kartar, he ignores
Ranv reminds him what veera said but kartar walks away

Ratan tells kartar to leave her alone

Chaiji tells him about gurpreet n tells him to take care of her

Few mens lecture kartar
Ranvi rescues balbir from a lady and says he did do theivery

Kartar and few mens r fighting
Balbir mother shouts at him

Precap: veera tries to feed ratan, ranvi encouraging ratan to eat it

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