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The Episode starts with Ratan and Ranvi welcoming Veera. Chai ji does her aarti and says when a loved one comes home safe from a bad accident, then we have to do aarti. She says this is your patphere after marriage. Ratan apologizes to Veera for being very rude and not talking to her. Suhani says no, mothers don’t apologize, and you are more than mother to me. She says she is very happy today, as she got her family back. Veera says everything will be fine till she comes back from yatra. Ratan says yes and blesses her. Veera hugs her. Ratan recalls Nihaal’s words and hugs Ranvi. She says now I m glad as my both children are with me.

Veera is on the way back to Baldev’s home. Jaggi stops her and asks did Baldev and she get the matter sort. Billa asks is everything fine. She says Ranvi and I

have apologized, but Baldev is not listening. Jaggi says we also felt his anger won’t go so soon. She says don’t know what to do. Bansuri is filling his ears and Baldev don’t want to meet doctor. Jaggi asks if Bansuri is not around, will Baldev listen to you. She says maybe. Billa says then leave everything to us, we will unite you both. Jaggi says don’t worry now.

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Rajveer is in police station handcuffed. Ranvi comes there and gets angry seeing him. He asks did he not feel bad to cheat the man who trusted him and wanted to give his sister’s hand, you have beaten up Baldev and ruined Veera’s marriage. Rajveer says I don’t regret to do anything, I m happy to ruin her married life. He asks him to think what would he do with Veera, she was alone with him and very close to him. Ranvi gets angry by his dirty talk, and says I m happy Veera married Baldev, and she proved my decision wrong, now I m sure there is one way to deal with you, and Baldev’s way is right. He starts beating him.

Rajveer says its crime to beat anyone in police station, case will be against you too. Ranvi looks at everyone and asks did he beat him, did anyone say. The inspector and staff says we did not see anything. Ranvi smiles. Balwant sees Baldev sitting alone, and asks him to go for work, as everything is fine now. He asks won’t you start transport business again. Baldev says no, Nihaal Chachu was right, this is not my cup of tea. Balwant says fine, did you think of anything else. Baldev says Veera has sent you right.

Balwant says I m your father, why are you thinking this about Veera. He asks did Veera not tell you that I m mad, a doctor told her, what can you expect from a mad man. Balwant says I know you have bear a lot of pain, but will this effect so much that you can’t see anyone’s selfless and pure love. He says Ranvi has done her upbringing with love, he kept her like queen, though she is not his own sister, even then she is here working for us, whats the reason that she is bearing all this, that she loves you a lot. He asks him to think and leaves.

Gunjan does rehearsals. Dolly asks Mona to show the right steps and says Gunjan is doing wrong. Gunjan says but I did right. Mona taunts her. Gunjan comes home and tells everything to Ranvi. Ranvi says I have also beaten Rajveer in police station, Baldev is right, few people deserve beating. She smiles and says you feel Baldev is right. He says Rajveer was talking dirty about Veera. She tells what Mona did by cutting her dress and taunting her. Ranvi says don’t listen to her, you are doing video.

She says she is telling everyone that I m not capable, and I m getting this chance because of you. Ranvi says no one can take your place, as you do everything by heart. She thanks him and says I feel all the world is in my arms. She kisses him. He asks her to go and help Chai ji. She says fine, and leaves. Ranvi sees the foggy night. Bansuri takes Veera outside the house, and asks her to clean all the utensils sitting there. Baldev sees this and is shocked. Balwant comes and asks Veera to come inside, as its very cold and she can’t wash utensils here. Bansuri says let her wash, kitchen tap is not working. He says servant can wash it tomorrow. Bansuri says I will wash it then. Veera says no, I will wash it.

Baldev throws all the utensils and says no one will touch it now, if I see anyone touching it, I will throw them. Veera smiles. Baldev asks her to go inside, cover yourself with a shawl. Balwant is glad. Bansuri asks Baldev where is he going on, as weather is bad. Baldev says don’t worry about me, I will come. Bansuri asks Balwant why is he smiling. He says I succeeded in explaining my son. He leaves. Bansuri says it means you did not understand your son till now. Baldev thinks about Balwant’s words. He recalls about Veera and her talk with Ranvi. He cries. Mahiya……………plays………………. He listens the radio and Ranvi’s song plays on it. Baldev recalls Veera’s love and their happy moments.

Gunjan drinks the milk and gets vomiting. She sees her date exceeding a month, and says I can’t be pregnant.

Update Credit to: Amena

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