Veera 4th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Veera 4th February 2013 Written Episode, Veera 4th February 2013 Written Update

Baldev plans to punish Veera. He sends a box containing cockroaches to Veera through his friend saying Ranvi had sent it. The boy informs that Ranvi said her to open the box once class starts. Baldev is happy that Veera will be punished now for her act.

Ratan is driving tractor. The neighboring farmer fumes that Ratan had defamed him too much. He decides to make Ratan bow down her head.

Hindi teacher is making the students write alphabets in Veera’s class. Preeto touches box but Veera asks her not to do so. Teacher watches this and so they become silent. Veera wants the teacher to make her write Veerji. Teacher wants her to learn writing alphabets before words. She tells Veera that its not easy to understand. Veera replies that she can understand everything. The teacher gets irritated

and asks if she is wrong and writes ‘Veerji’ (in Hindi) on board. Veera smiles seeing ‘Veerji’ written on board. The teacher asks her to write on board and says she will be punished if she is wrong.

Preeto tries to touch the box. Veera shouts ‘Don’t touch my Veerji’s box’. She tells that Ranvi had asked her to open it only after the class starts. Preeto brings the box and its full of cockroaches. Veera is shocked and so everyone. All kids run and stand on bench. Veera is enjoying the fun and frightens teacher too telling that a cockroach is near her leg. Teacher shouts asking everyone to be quiet. She blames Veera for all the mess and asks her to get out. The teacher says she will complain about Ranvi to Principal and punish him too. So Veera changes the reason and says its she who bought the box. Teacher scolds her for and says Veera to get out immediately. While going she tells Preeto that’s its all because of her. Veera wonders why she is alone out of the class when everyone shouted on seeing cockroaches. Veera is happy that she is also standing out of the class like her Veerji.

Two unknown persons attack a guy and snatch away the money he is taking for Ratan. The man is badly hurt and doesn’t know what to do. The villain farmer watches this and is pleased.

Veera remembers Ranvi’s words on what he does when the teacher makes him to stand out. She writes Veerji using chalk on the wall. Veera calls to teacher to see this. Teacher gets extremely angry as Veera is not saying sorry for her act and not requesting her to revoke the punishment and calls her mannerless. She decides to teach Veera a lesson as she is not listening to her words.

The teacher brings Veera to store room. Veera innocently asks why she is here and she doesn’t even have mata. The teacher informs her that she will be locked in the room till school gets over and asks her not to raise her voice or bang the door as children are learning near by. Veera is scared and bangs the door. She shouts that she is afraid and the room is dirty. Veera says she feel sorry for her act and requests the teacher to take her out. There is no response from anyone.

Veera is too scared and calls for her Veerji. She keeps on telling Veerji. Another teacher notices Ranvi and informs that the Prinicipal wants him to represent their school for Interschool competition as he performed well on the Republic Day. Ranvi is standing nearby. Veera shouts but remembers teacher’s words and lowers her voice. No one hears Veera’s voice. Ranvi meets Principal. He is praised for his performance. Principal asks him to get a sign from his beeji in the form. Ranvi asks whether Veera can also take part. But Principal refuses saying she is small.

Veera uses a chair to climb and sees Ranvi through the hole in the door. She shouts for asking someone to save her as she is hungry. Ranvi wants to check if Veera had her lunch. The bell rings and another teacher says him to go to his class. Ranvi couldn’t hear Veera’s voice. She bangs hardly on the door and is upset that there is no one to save her.

School is over. Ranvi searches for Veera but doesn’t hear her voice. Veera sees the teacher who locked her inside the room and asks her to open the door. The teacher too doesn’t notice and goes away. Seems like she had totally forgotten. The school corridor is empty.

Update Credit to: seelaks

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