Veera 3rd May 2013 Written Episode Update


Veera 3rd May 2013 Written Episode, Veera 3rd May 2013 Written Update

Nihaal at Ranveera’s house, Veera trying to be tantrum queen says she wont talk to Nihaal as he didn’t come to see her earlier. Nihal defends himself saying he had so much work to do, that’s why he coudnt come before. To pacify her , Nihaal promises that one she is alright , they will go out to have Gulfi. Ratan is trying to open a bottle for long, Rv notices this and takes the bottle from her to open it, but he is unable to do. Seeing Rv struggling to open the bottle, Veera asks Nihaal to open the bottle ( which contains achar ) Nihaal finally open the bottle but his Kurta gets stained by the oil, seeing this Ranveera laugh at him. Ratan scolds them and apologize to Nihaal, goes inside to bring something to remove the strain.

Ranveera ask Nihaal to carry both of them on his shoulders, Nihaal refuses

saying he doesn’t has that much of strength. They all argue over this, Ranveera are adamant, Nihaal give in to their demand. Ranveera giggling as Nihaal is carrying them on his shoulders , Ratan comes there , asks Ranveera to get down. She givea Nihaal a kurta to wear, Nihaal refuses o take it saying ” its sampooran’s ”. Ratan says he is the only one who can wear Sampooran’s cloths and Sampooran wouldn’t even mind but feel proud as He has taken care of the village after sampooran. Nihaal goes inside, Ratan tightens the small bandage in Veera’s leg. Seeing Nihaal in Sampoora’s cloths Rv says ” Nihaal chachu looks like papaji” Ratan calls him in a warning tone. Nihaal asks Veera to take are of herself and leaves from there.

While returning, Nihaal meets Kartar who taunts him about walking like a woman. Nihaal says he doenst want any stain in Sampooran’s kurta. Kartar becomes furious knowing Nihaal is wearing Sampooran’s kurta and asks Nihaal who gave it to give. Nihaal says Ratan gave it to him with so much of faith and he doenst like to break people’s faith on him. Kartar again taunts him about trying to be close to Sampooran’s family despite of being Sampooran’s friend. Nihaal gives back to him asking whether he has been a faithful friend to Sampooran? Nihaal goes away leaving an angry Kartar.

Ranveera playing scrabble game, rattan watching them. Kartar comes there inquiring about Rv’s exams, which will be the next day. Hearing this Ratan tell Rv off for not telling her about exams and playing games instead of studying. Kartar stops her from scolding Rv and asks him to go and study. Both Rv and Veera go to their room.

Kartar tells Gurpreet sent kheer for them as its ” beginning of new relationships ”, he further tells Gurpret herself wanted to come but coudnt as visiters were at home. Kartar tells Ratan that he knows she is worried about Rv’s studies, he says along with a maternal love father’s scolding is also necessary for an good upbringing. He asks her not to worry, assure her from now on he will take control about Rv’s studies.

In Ranveera’s room, Rv is studying, Veera in a mood to do masti. Few light moments, there is a power cut, Veera inquire about it. RV stops studying and sits beside Veera to take care of her.

Chaiji comes calling Ratan’s name, sees Ratan washing a kurta. Ratan tells her about it being Nihaal’s Kurta and how it happened. Ratan aks Chaiji to eat kheer sent by Gurpreet. Chaiji aske if Gurpreet has come , Rtan explains her the whole incident from Veera falling from cycle , Kartar brining her home and how he wanted to start a new relationship forgetting what happened in past. Ratan goes away, Chaiji tells herself she knows whyt Kartar meant by starting a new relationship. Episode ends.

Pre- Cap : Ratan telling Chaiji that she has become dependent on Nihaal and its not a good sin as she may get betrayed again.

Update Credit to: Roshani

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