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The Episode starts with Ranvi coming to Geet. She asks him to come inside, and asks why is he in this state. He asks for Deepu. She says she has gone in marriage with everyone. He says I came to meet her, I got this gift for her. She says she will give her and takes it. He says fine, I will go. He falls down. She asks how will he go. He says I will by car. She holds him and says he is not able to walk well. She asks him to stay here, the weather is bad outside. She asks him to wait, she will get the towel. She gives the towel to him. He says he recalls Veera seeing Deepu’s mischief, she is very lucky to have a daughter like Deepu, I forget my pain seeing her, I smile seeing her.

He says she did favor on him, thanks for making him meet Deepu., She says she will get something for him and goes. Baldev

comes to Veera in the marriage. She asks did he drink again. Jaggi says I got him. Baldev says he has come to give shagun envelope. She asks did he tell Ranvi, did he do the work. He says use senses sometimes, I did the work, I m best husband of the world. She says he is fool. He says biggest fool of the world. She laughs. He holds her and Mahiya………plays……….

Geet comes and says she got the blanket, and asks him to rest. He says she is very talented, he respects her a lot, he got name and fame, but she deserves it, I love you a lot and can’t live without you. Geet gets stunned. Gunjan asks Jaggi to drop her home. Manjeet says drop me too, I can’t stay here for more time. Jaggi says fine. Manjeet says its late, don’t know will Geet open the door or not. Ranvi says he is incomplete without her, he feels lonely without her. She asks him to sleep, he is not in senses.

He holds her and asks is she annoyed, does she feel he is bad man. She says he can never be bad. He says I can’t be without you, and asks her does she not feel lonely without him. She says I do and cries. Manjeet says drop me before Gunjan. Gunjan says she got tired, its too late. Manjeet says health is imp, don’t worry of your dad, I will explain him. She thanks her. Manjeet thinks she has to take her in her words if she has to separate her and Gunjan.

Ranvi talks to Geet and says he is with her. She recalls the fight and asks did he think about her. He says he always thinks about her, but is unable to say, so she does not trust him right. Geet gets away and says this is wrong, I just respect you. He says whats wrong, we love each other, I know you love me a lot Gunjan. Geet gets stunned and asks Gunjan? Is he thinking she is Gunjan? He says he does not like when they fight, he knows its her love behind her doubt, whatever he is, its just because of her, she is his world, life and everything, he can’t think about anyone, ever. Geet says Gunjan also loves you, you said right, I was scared, but you saw her fears as you love her. Ranvi falls asleep. She covers him with the blanket.

Manjeet comes home and sees Ranvi and Geet. She gets shocked and thinks she was waiting to see this. Ranvi wakes up. She asks him to change, she will iron his jacket and give him. He says Gunjan should not come home, I have to talk to her. Manjeet smiles and leaves.

Manjeet comes to Gunjan and asks where is Ranvi. Gunjan says he is in room, sleeping. Manjeet says maybe she has seen wrong. Gunjan asks what happened. Manjeet says she can’t lie to her, everything will be ruined, its her mistake, she should have not got Geet here, she will have to bear pain because of her. Gunjan says you are scaring me, tell me what did you see. Manjeet says I have seen the world, this happens with woman who can’t become a mum, this is your fate, what can we women do, I came to apologize to you that I got Geet in your life, forgive me.

She says don’t think of going to your mum’s home. Gunjan asks what is it, is it related to Ranvi, I have right to know, tell me. Manjeet asks her did she not understand where is Ranvi. Gunjan gets shocked.

Gunjan scolds Ranvi and cries. She says she will go from his life forever, she can’t see him with anyone else. She takes knife and cries. He asks did she go mad, and is locked in the room.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. plz don’t do anything stupid. make everything fine b/w ranvi n gunjan. plzzzz…

  2. dddddddddddd

    gunjan you are really mad

  3. i hope that Ranvi end up with Geet. gunjan is not the right girl for him.

  4. omg!!! where is dis serial [email protected] god save u @ veera n team….. its clear signs of downfall of d serial…..poor thing

  5. Nice episode.

  6. Rituparna Dutta

    Please dnt make it non sense ranvi nd gunjan is jst perfect if anything goes wrong noone is gonna watch this

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