Veera 3rd July 2013 Written Episode Update

Veera 3rd July 2013 Written Episode, Veera 3rd July 2013 Written Update

Episode begins with Nihal packing hurriedly. He stops and thinks to himself that the reason he came to Preetam Pura was to tell Ratan and Chaiji about his sin and to apologize for it and he can not leave without doing so. He is thinking to himself when Chai ji comes to Nihal and starts begging him to stay.

She is upset as to how he always helps them out and they consider him as a family but he does not for he never tells anyone his pain and his worries.

Chaiji goes on saying he has done many favours to the family and the whole village and now the family depends on him. Chai ji is crying and saying he is the pillar which is supporting them. She says Nihaal is not her guddu but is just like him to her because to her Nihaal is her son. Chaiji is crying and begging him to stay for she believes if he

leaves, she would break completely as she has already lost one of her child, Sampooran and does not want to lose another. She cups his face affectionately.

Nihaal can not take it anymore and he pushes himself away and says he does not deserve this respect, and does not deserve to be compared with Sampooran. While crying and stammering, he confesses the sin that he made by killing sampooran with his own hands. Upon hearing this, Chaiji is deeply angered and starts shouting at him and gets hysterical.

Flashbacks then begin as Nihaal narrates his story. He tells Chai ji his friendship with Sampooran was not since years and he just knew him for sometime. He narrates as flashback plays how he met Sampooran on the bus which travelled from Amritasar to Ludhiana. Nihaal is shown as a very happy-go-lucky man who has returned to India from Canada after failing with his work. He tries to converse with a grief-stricken Sampooran on the bus. He helps Sampooran by paying his bus ticket as he has no money with him and no destination to go. Nihaal books him for the last stop of the bus whereas he is travelling for two stops before the last stop.

In the present, Nihaal tells Chai ji how for the first time he felt like he had met someone who was on the same page as he. Nowhere to go, unsure of life. He told her how he felt there was u special bond they shared.

When Nihaal’s stop comes, he hugs Sampooran and leaves the bus but forgets his bag in the bus. It is shown how the bag is very important for Nihaal as it carried his passport and money. Sampooran takes the bag to where Nihaal is living and then Nihaal invites him for lunch.

While having lunch, they are aimlessly watching the tv when the documentary of Preetam Pura is on and Ratan is calling out to her husband, Sampooran saying that to everyone who has gone, please come back.

In the present. Chai ji also puts two and two together and says that is how when the village saw the documentary, Nihaal already knew what was going to happen.

Back in the flashback, Nihaal says he admires this woman for her independant behaviour but Sampooran is shocked hearing Ratan’s voice. The screen freezes on Sampooran’s shocked expression as he says her name out aloud.

Precap: Sampooran and Nihaal are in the field and Nihaal was on the tractor while Sampooran stood in front. Nihaal is directed to take the tractor backwards but mistakenly he drives it ahead hitting Sampooran. Sampooran is shown falling off the cliff, Nihaal running after in attempt to save him.

Update Credit to: ElmoFuj

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