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The Episode starts with Bansuri seeing Baldev and Veera hug. She says Baldev and gives him the haldi milk. Baldev takes the glass and drinks it. She says my heart always said everything will be fine, I was alone who did not doubt on you. She tells him about going to Ranvi and crying to beg him to save you, where was Veera at that time. Baldev leaves. Veera says you should be happy as our misunderstandings are ending, and you want to ruin out happiness, why are you doing this. Bansuri says you don’t have any relation with him, he would have been very lucky if you did not come in his life, he did not give Ranvi a chance to give statement against him, and exposed Rajveer, you did not do anything for him.

She says this time I won’t let you take my son away. She leaves. Veera cries. Ranvi comes home

and sits to play guitar. He plays music. Gunjan comes and looks at him. He stops playing and gets upset. She says Baldev did not talk to you well right. He says no, he spoke well. She says don’t hide it from me. She says Baldev is anger, we have hurt him by not trusting him again and again, like you met him for Veera’s sake, like that I also know he will take time but forgive you. He says its not Baldev’s mistake, its my mistake, I did not understand Baldev till now so I refused for them, and when I saw no one can love Veera mora than Baldev, I said yes.

He says when I heard Baldev saying bitter against Veera, I understood the change in fate is because of me. He cries and says he does not love Veera as his wife. He says Veera thinks by mind, but her heart has just Baldev. Bansuri fills Baldev’s mind against Veera. She says she always trusted him, but Ranvi and Veera were just concerned for world. She says you will see Veera’s truth very soon, she has done this to show she and Ranvi are great, you don’t matter to them, Veera told you that she married you by pity, do you think she will find you deserving her. He leaves. She smiles.

Baldev comes to the room and sleeps on the ground. Veera wakes up and sees him. Veera comes and lies beside Baldev. He gets up and asks what is she doing. She says I decided I will do what you do. He moves away. She smiles and thinks she won’t let his anger become a wall between them. Mahiya………..plays………….. She again gets closer and covers him with blanket. He gets up and goes away. She smiles and moves to him. She asks will he break the wall and go out now. She holds him. He gets angry and gets up. She says fine, I won’t trouble you, you sleep. He sleeps and recalls the torture done by Rajveer’s goons in the lockup.

He gets unwell and she gets worried for him. He turns to her and holds her close. He opens his eyes and sees her, and pushes her away. He turns and she cries. Its morning, Gunjan comes for rehearsal. Dhingra says Dolly will come and teach you dance. Gunjan gets worried as her costume gets missing. She finds it in the dustbin torn. A girl comes and taunts her, saying you won’t need it, as I will replace you in this video.

Its morning, Baldev scolds Veera for spoiling his sleep. She says fine don’t talk to me, scold me, but don’t torture yourself, don’t punish yourself, I know you are very angry on me. Baldev tells about the jail torture. She says why do you feel everyone is planning against you. He says you are reason for my anger, and the pain of my treatment is you leave me alone. She cries seeing him leave. She gets Ranvi’s call. Ranvi apologizes to her. She says don’t blame yourself, you always supported me. He says Balddev would have got punished by my statement, I was wrong because of Rajveer’s manipulations.

She says I know what you wanted to say was what you have seen, so I wanted to prove Baldev innocent, and stop you from taking wrong step, which would make you regret all your life. Baldev hears this standing outside. Baldev recalls Bansuri’s words and leaves. Ranvi tells Veera that Ratan will visit her today and she worries that Bansuri and Baldev can tell her anything. Mona argues with Gunjan. The girl says we will see your real talent in rehearsals, you are here as you are Ranvi’s wife. She says Dolly wants to take in this video. Chai ji asks Ratan to take care. Ratan says I will go and meet Veera.

Veera comes to meet them and smiles. Ratan says you have long age, I was coming to meet you. They cry and hug. She recalls how Ranvi kicked her out.

Rajveer and Ranvi have an argument in jail. Ranvi angrily slaps him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Why is veera so incredibly silly? She is trying hard to win bk baldev who is upset that she always treats him so badly and she blabs to her brother about his honesty etc?! Obviuosly baldev is going to be upset

  2. I too know & over confident is the actually problem of the siblings. Mistakes after another. Can she keep quiet for a while?

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