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Veera 3rd April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Baldev and everyone telling panchayat about mall and school needs in the pind. Baldev says the mall benefits which will give work to many people, employment is necessary and they can increase business also by making others invest, the mall name will be Vikas Mall, as this will make pind get better and prosperous. Everyone clap for him. Ratan asks Savita if she wants to say about Veera. Savita coughs and says she is unwell, and requests Veera to tell about school. Veera looks at Baldev.

She greets everyone and says the school benefits. She tells the importance of education, and tells how the students can get higher education in pind itself. She says we will first need school and then a mall. Everyone clap. Baldev looks at her. The people argue over school and mall. Ratan asks

them to calm down and panchayat will decide. Even panchayat as equal votes for both school and mall, two each and asks Ratan to choose and give her vote, which will be final. Bansuri says Ratan will favor Veera and choose school. They ask Ratan her decision, she will give unbiased decision, they know this. Bansuri says no, she will do what she wish and favor her daughter.

She says she will not let Baldev get injustice, he is thinking for pind good. They say even Veera is saying about pind’s good. Bansuri says no way. Balwant asks her to keep quiet. Bansuri asks Baldev not to worry. Balwant says we will accept Ratan’s decision with respect. Bansuri speaks against Ratan and Veera. Veera defends Ratan and says Ratan has supported Gunjan going against Ranvi. Bansuri argues. Ratan says enough now, I took my decision. She says I m resigning from sarpanch post now. They all are shocked. Panchayat asks what is she saying, they can’t lose her for this matter. Ratan says but my decision will be in favor of my daughter or son in law, so it will be good if you choose any new sarpanch. The panchayat says they can’t take any decision now, they will discuss and tell later. Veera cries and sees Ratan.

Ranvi gets ready to record song. Gunjan comes there and he gets sad seeing her. He starts singing and recording starts. Gunjan smiles and recalls the old times. He sings Phir Kabhi…. Balwant comes home and says what happened today was wrong. Bansuri says its right, Ratan can’t give right decision. They argue and Manjeet smiles. Balwant leaves. Bansuri tells everything to Manjeet and says we can ignite fire between Veera and Baldev.

Baldev meets the builder Oberoi’s manager and they tell him that they want to give him more work, if this delays more. Baldev explains the matter and tells them that it will not be any delay, I will not break Oberoi’s trust. They smile. Ratan asks Veera to go home. Veera says not now, you look tired, I will not go soon. She asks her to turn and gives neck massage. Ratan says she became mature. Veera asks why did she not support truth, why did she resign, just for Bansuri’s taunts. Ratan says not for her, the resign is my children’s happiness, I was seeing if I took decision, what will happen next, your and Baldev’s fights and even Ranvi and Gunjan would have got into this.

Ratan talks to Chai ji. Chai ji says whom will panchayat make sarpanch. Baldev asks Bansuri the same. Bansuri asks him to use this situation and he agrees. Veera looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena

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