Veera 31st March 2014 Written Episode Update

Veera 31st March 2014 Written Episode, Veera 31st March 2014 Written Update

Everybody sees ranveer and gunjan and gets surprised. Chaiji ask from gunjan, where you had gone, why are you so silent. Balwant ji says, where you had gone? Dont you have even thinks about our family. Speak up. Biji ask from ranveer, where did she gets you. Ranveer you tell me, come on speak up. What are you hiding from us. Why she tells lie to me.
Ranveer says, gunjan is with me for whole day. I am taking her to see movie, i want to say to you but i couldnt tell you. BIji gets angry and says, when will you get so careless. you had really hurt me. Chaiji says, leave it now everybody came to home. Balwant tayaji says, i had thought bad for gunjan. Biji says, go and do rest. Balwant, bansari and baldev goes from ranveer’s home. Baldev says, this is not fare, you dont know that jijaji taking gunjan to see movie. Baldev bet with veera.
Ranveer gives food to gunjan and says, eat it. GUnjan says, why you had done this. YOu can easily get rid of all this. Ranveer says, if i want to get rid of you then i could tell everybody about bus incident. I am also feeling bad to tell lie to biji and chaiji.
Gunjan thinks about ranveer and says from herself, why he does everything for me. He always save me. I dont think what he want. Veera comes and says, he really loves you, you tries to hurt him alot but he always believe in love. Dont you know that he dont tell lie but he speaks lie for you. He always wants love from you nothing else. I am really surprised that you doesnt understand that he loves you.
Gunjan comes into room and thinks about veera’s wordings.
Veera hears the baldev ringtone and says, why i am hearing baldev’s ringtone. Veera pick the phone and baldev says, go and look, kitchen is burning. Veera run towards kitchen and see kitchen not gets burned and says, oye where will it burned. Baldev says, when will i said that your kitchen burned. I am seeing news that why i informed you. Baldev then leg pulling of veera. Veera gets angry. Gunjan put hand on ranveer and ranveer wakes up and says, sorry. Gunjan says, i should say sorry to everyone that i have hurt everyone.

Precap:- Bansari ji shows baldev necklace and found that there is no jewellery in locker.

Update Credit to: tushar_sharma

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