Veera 31st July 2013 Written Episode Update

Veera 31st July 2013 Written Episode, Veera 31st July 2013 Written Update

The episode begins with Chaiji and the whole village demanding Kartaar to sign the property papers as his punishment. Kartaar signs the papers and gives away all his property to Gurpreet. Nihaal then suggests he should be the one to hand them to Gurpreet, and so he is made to do just that. Ratan asks Gurpreet whether she knows that she had no idea about all this, and Gurpreet says she knows. Gurpreet says she wants to leave the village now , but the whole village especially Ratan manage to convince her not to because that would mean Kartaar’s win and Ratan tells her she would teach her how to live alone. Gurpreet agrees.

Veera finds her sketchpad in her room and takes it out when she finds a family sketch. She adds a man in that sketch next to Ratan’s sketch. Ranvi comes in and sees and gets worried

for her.

Outside Gurpreet’s house, Ratan tells her that she doesn’t need to worry as the village is not her marital home but her own home and the whole village her family. Ratan asks Gurpreet to call her ‘Didi’ from now on. The two hug. Kartaar comes out of the house with his belongings and turns to leave when he decides to try once more. So with some more fake tears, he turns to apologize to Gurpreet and tells her they would start a new life. But Gurpreet refuses. Kartaar turns to Balwant and asks him to forgive him for he has no place to go. A villager steps in with the police assuring him he would get food and shelter now. Kartaar is arrested.

Veera and Ranvi are walking when Veera fakes a knee ache but Ranvi knows very well why she is faking it. He is aware that she just wants to ride on his shoulders. Just when Veera is trying to convince Ranvi to take her on his shoulders, she spots the man who’s slippers she had stolen. She tries to run but couldn’t and the man greets Ranvi and Veera. Ranvi asks him about his slippers and the man said the thief left them back there but if he gets to know who stole them, he would turn them to the police. Veera gets scared. She quickly comes up with a story and tells to the man where a hawk took his slippers but she prayed to God to give the slippers back and the hawk was miraculously hitten by a rock, and the slippers were back. The man leaves stunned. Ranvi scolds Veera for stealing the slippers.

Just then a police jeep passes them by scaring Veera who holds her ears and begans to chang apologies to the police. She is confused when the jeep passes by them. Veera spots Kartaar and is even more confused.

Ratan is crying in front of Sampooran’s picture and blaming him of all that has happened as he left her, when Chaiji comes and hugs her, comforting her. Ratan tells Chaiji she is nothing without her, Chaiji is very elated and Nihaal looks on at the duo. Ranvi and Veera come in and Ranvi asks Chaiji why the police arrested Kartaar. He tells them he saw it himself. Nihaal, Chaiji and Ratan are all unable to reply.

Precap: Ratan is cutting vegetables when Veera comes in and asks her she needs some things to cook for her doll. Ratan as usual ignores her. Veera insists she gives her the stuff quickly for ‘Amrita’ is really hungry. Ratan is shocked at hearing that name from Veera.

Update Credit to: ElmoFuj

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