Veera 31st January 2013 Written Episode Update

Veera 31st January 2013 Written Episode, Veera 31st January 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with ratan sadly looking at their family photo remembering Veera’s words in Gurudwara, she goes to adjust the dupatta flying on the terrace, Veera sees this. A song sequence where ratan while arraging stuffs in room , remembers Sampooran, Moti Chaiji hugs her. She then goes to ranveera’s room , looks at them adoringly , kisses on Rv’s forehead.

Next day , at Baldev’s home, Gunjan asks baldev to a cup of bring water for her, she blackmails him saying if he doesn’t she will call their father, Bansuri tries to stop Gunjan from making baldev work, But her husbad stops her and asks Baldev to do what Gunaj says. Baldev says to himself , Rv is safe because his kismet was good this time, but next time he wont let this happen and will take revenge on him.

Veera ask Rv why did he go to save Gunjan as He fell inside the pit because of that. Rv explains to her as to how we shoud help people who need help, and tells god sends a savior for us when we are in danger. Veera tells Baldev shoud fall in to the pit while God sleeps so that no one will be there to help him.

Veera while playing notices Dupatta on terrace stuck , she climbs up the ladder so that she can adjust it, she trips , she call for her Veerji asking him to save her, Ratan sees this, runs to veera and catches her, Veera hugs ratan tightly.

Ratan comes inside the house with Veera She scolds him for leaving Veera alone outside the house , she further tells if he raises veera considering himself as her mother , then he shoud also learn to take care of her. She asks Rv to question veera as to why she climbed up the ladder, Veera tells the reason ( that she wanted to adjust her Biji’s dupatta ) hearing this Ratan is touched , she asks Rv to take care of veera and not to let her alone and she goes away.

Veera asks Moti chaiji why did her BIji scold her that much, Moti Chaiji tells because Ratan is her ( Veera’s ) mother , reason why she cares for her , hearing this Veera becomes happy.

Rv asks forgiveness from Ratan for leaving Veera alone , he asks him why she put her dupatta on terrace ? Ratan tells him ( veera also there ) she did because seeing her dupatta his ( Rv’s ) papaji can remember there is a woman called Ratan who is waiting for him. Rv goes from there, veera asks ratn to forgive her. She further asks ratn why she ( veera) never cries ? Sorry Guys I missed the last bit

Precap: Ratan asks Nihal why he is still in village? Nihal tells aprt from returning the money, he has one more work.

Update Credit to: Roshani

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