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The Episode starts with Veera consoling Geet. She says we will not send you back to Dilawar. Geet cries. Baldev apologizes to Geet. Gunjan thinks of Dilawar’s words. She thinks will Ranvi break relation with her knowing this, she has to get Dilawar back to save her marriage, but what about Geet. Bansuri asks Ranvi how will he free home from Dilawar. Ranvi says I will manage. Balwant says they still have fields which Ratan gave Gunjan. Baldev says we will get Dilawar arrested for beating his wife. Gunjan thinks if she does not call Dilawar home, Ranvi will break relation with me.

Ranvi says I will talk to Dhingra. Baldev says no need, Dilawar is the culprit. Gunjan says no, I m also the culprit. Dilawar tells Manjeet that he will not leave anyone, he has to go back in that house, he has told Gunjan

that he will say her truth to Ranvi. Manjeet asks why did he get into fight with Ranvi, she is afraid that their plan will get flop. He argues with her and says this is my game, why did you come in between.

Manjeet asks him to rest and think later. She leaves. He says Gunjan has to call me there. Ranvi asks Gunjan what is she saying. She cries and admits her mistake that she has given Ratan’s fields to Dilawar to make him marry Geet. They all get shocked. Ranvi asks did she give him Ratan’s fields. Gunjan says I know I did wrong, I did not know how to confess this, I spoiled my relation with you being jealous, I did not wish to lie more.

Gunjan apologizes to Geet and realizes her mistake. Geet says I m not annoyed with you, I lost my husband and know the pain of losing a loved one. Bansuri asks Ranvi to forgive Gunjan, she was helpless because of you and Geet. Balwant says enough Bansuri, you are still supporting her, you cheated her husband and mum in law, would you forgive Veera if she had done this, I will never forgive Gunjan. Veera asks Gunjan why did she do this, fields meant a lot for Ratan. They all cry.

Gunjan apologizes again and asks Ranvi not to be annoyed with her. Baldev says fields won’t come back by crying Gunjan. Gunjan asks Ranvi to lighten his heart and say something. Ranvi says Ratan gave fields to you as she loved you, but you have broken her trust, as you did not trust me, I can’t forgive you, you don’t have right to stay here as you did not care for Ratan’s sentiments. Gunjan says no, you can’t do this, I love you a lot. Bansuri says you can’t make Gunjan leave, Baldev explain him. Baldev says Gunjan did wrong, what shall I say.

Veera asks Ranvi to give Gunjan a chance to rectify her mistake. Ranvi says I gave many chances, I m fed up now. Veera asks him to think about Ratan. Ranvi says I did not ask her to leave from this house, I leave it to her.

Bansuri consoles Gunjan and asks her to win Ranvi’s trust. Balwant asks till when will Bansuri spoil Gunjan’s mind. He says we will leave now and tells Geet to stay here for Deepu’s sake. Gunjan says yes, Ranvi needs Deepu and Deepu also needs Ranvi. Veera says I will stay here to talk to Ranvi. Baldev says no need, its Gunjan’s word to talk to her, we will not help her. He says he told Ranvi to keep Gunjan happy, now I m telling Gunjan to keep Ranvi happy to save their marriage. They all leave.

Gunjan and Veera have a talk. Gunjan says Dilawar came to meet me. Veera asks what did he say, I want to know everything, tell me why did you decide to give him the lands. Gunjan tells her everything. Veera thinks there is something which is not seen.

Veera bumps into Baldev and says she has already told him. He says I m feeling bad. She asks him to think about Geet, she told him not to take decisions in hurry, the problem is he never thinks of her loss, he has just blamed Ranvi and Geet, you wanted to give happiness to Gunjan, what happened now, you made Geet marry Dilawar, you thought he changed, you should have asked family once, you trusted Dilawar more than us, you think I don’t care for you and your family, its my family too.

She says Ranvi and Gunjan lost everything by this decision, tell me what will you do now to make things fine between Ranvi and Gunjan, how will you make Geet and Deepu forget all that bad torture. He feels guilty.

Veera gets train ticket and some address while searching a bag.

Update Credit to: Amena

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