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Veera 30th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Veera asking Baldev to drop her home before Ranvi or Gunjan see her. They argue on Ranvi and Gunjan coming at the same place. Veera comes home running. Chaiji asks her why she did run like this to come home. Veera makes an excuse of losing weight. Ranvi and Gunjan come home after watching the movie. Veera asks them how was the movie. Ranvi asks how do you know we went for movie, I did not tell you. Gunjan says I also did not say. Chaiji and Ratan says no one told us. Veera says I understood by your smile. Chaiji says yes, that’s true, they really look happy. She blesses them.

Its morning, Veera tells Ranvi that the work is going on well on polyhouse site and it will be completed in 10-15 days. Ranvi says I will go today. Veera says no, I will manage as I don’t have any work,

if I need your help, I will tell you. He says fine. Gunjan serves them breakfast. Baldev calls Veera and she ends the call seeing Ranvi sitting infront of her. He calls her again. Gunjan tries to see whose call is it. But Veera keeps her hand on it. Veera keeps the phone away. Gunjan thinks who is the one calling Veera so many times, she is hiding something.

Veera and Baldev meet at the site. She asks him why did he call her, Gunjan was about to see his name. He says did she see my name on your heart. She says come to city with me, I have get my laptop repaired. He says don’t worry, we will get it repaired for free, everyone knows me and won’t ask money from me. She says we can’t make everyone work for free. He says you also make me work for free. She says as you are my boyfriend. He says your tongue is sharp than scissor. He holds her. Music plays……… They have an eyelock.

Happy shappy wala…………….plays…………… Ranvi comes there calling out Veera. Veera and Baldev move away and get shocked seeing him. Ranvi asks how did Baldev come here. I came to help you. He says show me Veera whats the work here. She goes with Ranvi. Baldev smiles. Gunjan sees someone dropping Veera home. She tries to see who is the guy. Baldev wears the helmet and leaves. Gunjan says the way she was talking to that guy, there was something different. I will find out whats in her heart.

Its night, Veera smiles thinking about Baldev. Gunjan comes to her with lassi. Gunjan sees My love novel there and asks about it. She asks do you like reading love books. Veera says yes, it’s a good book. Gunjan says I heard girls read such books and watch romantic movies when they are in love, so do you love anyone. Veera smiles and says no, the book is good so I read it. Gunjan says love is strange thing, don’t know when it can happen, see me and Ranvi, we are together since childhood, but love happened later on, he became my world and completed me.

Veera says yes, love is great, it changes you, the moment you don’t like the person and second moment he becomes everything for you, you want to spend time with him. Gunjan smiles and understands Veera is in love. Veera says I knew this thins from this book. Gunjan says fine, you sleep now, its late. She leaves and hides outside the door. Veera shuts the door to call Baldev and Gunjan tries to hear. Gunjan hears their conversation and wants to know the guy’s name. Veera says lets meet tomorrow at polyhouse site. Gunjan smiles.

Its morning, Gunjan keeps an eye on Veera and wants to know whom is she meeting. She sees her with Baldev and says how is he helping Veera, great, but where is the guy whom Veera loves. She sees Baldev working and looks around for some other guy. Baldev tells Veera lets go and have food. He asks the workers to have food now. Gunjan says they are going to have food, will the guy meet Veera at office, I will go there and find out.

Veera and Baldev come to the office. She drinks water being tired. Baldev looks at her and asks is she fine, as she looks hurt. She says lets have food, then we have to go to site. He lifts her and gets romantic. Gunjan comes there and is shocked to see them in this state. Baldev asks Veera to take rest. Veera smiles. Baldev says I will do the work. Veera says I love you Baldev. Baldev says I love you too. Gunjan is stunned. Veera and Baldev smile. Veera is shocked to see Gunjan there. Baldev turns and is shocked too. He drops Veera.

Gunjan gives a serious look to them. Veera and Baldev get tensed. Ranvi comes there saying Gunjan. Ranvi asks how is she here. Veera signs no to Gunjan. Gunjan says nothing, I came to see the work going on here. She says I saw many things here. Ranvi says great, I was also passing by and came here, lets go home now. Gunjan leaves with Ranvi. Veera says it’s a big problem, what will we do now, if she goes home and tells everyone then, we have to stop her. Baldev says so whats the problem, we also have to tell them, now Gunjan will say, its good, don’t worry. She says this is not the right time, if she says them, they will get angry on us, no this can’t happen. He stops her and she says I have to stop her and leaves.

Gunjan talks to Veera and says I don’t feel you and Baldev make a good Jodi, you came here with modern mindset and he got matured here, you know how different you are.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  2. Are yaar dont stretch this love matter nihal should enter the frame 🙂

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