Veera 30th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Veera 30th July 2013 Written Episode, Veera 30th July 2013 Written Update

Chaiji encourages Gurpreet to tell truth in everyone’s presence when Gurpreet still doesn’t say anything, Chaiji tells her its not right to be a silent victim and tells her that if she doesn’t speak up she’ll be equally responsible for all the wrong that has happened.Gurpreet tells everyone that she didn’t ask for divorce instead Kartar did it, shocking everyone.

Kartar tries to quieted her by saying that she has lost her mind as she can’t be a mother to which Gurpreet gets angry and warns him against uttering a word against her as she’s no longer related to him and will not put up with his nonsense. Kartar tries to slap her but Nihal holds his hand and Balwant asks him to shut up, giving equal opportunity to Gurpreet to speak. She tells everyone about Kartar’s uncivilized and cruel behaviour and everyone especially Ratan is shocked. Gurpreet also reveals that he did it as he loved someone else. Everyone is shocked and Ratan asks Gurpreet to reveal who the woman is. Gurpreet doesn’t speak but Chaiji tells Ratan that Kartar had his eyes set on her. And that leaves Ratan aghast. Kartar tries to deny but Chaiji shuts him up and also reveal that it was Kartar who had alighted the horse stable in the village before the Punjab olympics as he was jealous of Nihal and feared he would replace Sampooran in Ratan’s life. Everyone is aghast and Kartar now vehemently agrees to all.

He admits and shamelessly defies himself saying he did nothing wrong. He tells that Gurpreet couldn’t give him what he wanted and he has always been in awe of Ratan and also did it for the sake of Ranveera. Ratan slaps Kartar hard and yells at him for even bringing the thought in his head. Yet, a shameless Kartar tries to propose her again in front of all and this time Nihal punches him hard. Balwant holds him back but the enraged villagers bashes him and wants him to be punished. Chaiji scolds Balwant too for believing Kartar and says that Kartar should transfer all his property in Gurpreet’s name.

Ranveera are on their way home when they see a police van approaching and Veera gets scared and apologizes saying she won’t do anything wrong. The van passes by them and Ranvi sees Kartar in the van and is surprised. .

Update Credit to: euphoric

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