Veera 2nd May 2013 Written Episode Update

Veera 2nd May 2013 Written Episode, Veera 2nd May 2013 Written Update

Kartar Nihaal face off

Kartar warns Nihaal not to get attached to Sampooran’s family by showing false sympathy. He is clear about who has what place in Ratan’s life. Kartar with surety says that the family and Ratan needed his help always but couldn’t tell him as wall was raised in between them by villagers. He boosts that there is no need for the family to take any kind of help from an outsider as he is with them. Kartar says that Nihaal has done whatever was needed but even he had some benefits in it.He wants Nihaal to go and come back only when Sampooran returns.Kartar taunts Nihaal that he will be with Ratan along with Gurpreet to look after the Agri College and Nihaal was not more than a servant who works in fields.He tells Nihaal wanted to spend more time with Ratan (Working in field) and care

for kids as he had the bad intention of coming close to Ratan. Kartar wants him to be away as he is not needed anywhere. Nihaal in thoughts.

Veera – Ratan – Ranvi

Ratan had made halwa. Veera wants Ratan to feed with her hands as she has hurt her hands too. Ratan refuses saying she has work but Veera in her Veerakidi mode says she is tired of hearing the word work from beeji and insists Ratan to feed her. Veera has only when Ratan says ‘khale puthar’.

Ranvi comes and sees Veera. He has tears in his eyes. Title song in Bg. Ranvi looks at her slowly. Veera wipes her tears. Ratan makes Ranvi to sit near her. Ranvi asks Veera whether she is alright. She wipes Ranvi’s tears and assures him that she is perfectly alright. Veera says that she is even having the halwa made by Ratan herself and feeds Ranvi too. Ratan is pleasantly surprised to see this. Ranvi says Sorry to Veera for leaving her alone. Veera wants Ranvi to blow air on her hands. Ranvi obliges to her request.


Nihaal notices Ratan’s dupatta flying high. He thinks to himself as why is he staying and is attached to the family when the job he came here for is completed. Nihaal doesn’t want to cross the Lakshman Rekha that is between him and Ratan.

Ranvi – Veera – Nihaal
Ranvi is feeding Veera. She asks him why Nihaal chachu didn’t come to meet her yet. Ranvi tells may be he doesn’t know that she got hurt and will come immediately when he comes to know about her. Veera wants to inform Nihaal immediately. Ranvi says let he come when he gets to know but Veera wants Nihaal also to do ‘phu phu’ on her wounds. She insists to call immediately as her pain will reduce later and there will be no use of Nihaal blowing. Ranvi goes to call Nihaal.

Nihaal is doubtful on whether he should attend the call as he wishes to concentrate only on the reason for which he is still staying in the village. Ranvi is on the other side. He asks whether he knows that Veera has hurt herself. Nihaal replies ‘yes’. Ranvi is upset as why he didn’t come as he got to know about it already and tells him that Veera wants to see him. Nihaal stammers and says that he will not be able to come as he is stuck with some work.He assures Ranvi that he will come once the work gets over.

Veera refuses to eat as she is adamant to meet Nihaal. Ranvi tries to make her understand that Nihaal will come once the work gets completed. Veera says she knows a way to call Nihaal chachu and asks Ranvi to make a call to him and give it to her. She addresses him by another name and asks whether he did some magic on Nihaal chachu to come to her. Veera indirectly tells that she got hurt and Nihaal didn’t come to meet her yet. She wants him to do some magic so that Nihaal’s work gets completed soon. Nihaal replies that its not an easy work to get over asap. Vera says her mouth is watering as halwa is in front of her but she wont have it until she sees her Nihaal chachu and cuts the call.

Kartar – Gurpreet
Kartar is smiling. Gurpreet notices this but doesn’t ask him anything. Kartar asks her to make kheer with badaam and kismiss. Gurpreet wonders the reason for his happiness is and thinks it as Kartar wants to give a second chance for their relationship. She thanks God for giving an opportunity and doesn’t want to lose it.

Family time
Veera is taking rest. Ranvi tries to cheer her up by coming as a ghost. Veera asks him to eat her later but she will do it before he does and runs behind him. Ranvi goes to Nihaal for help as soon as he sees him. Veera stops immediately and acts as if she is in pain. She lies in bed and says to herself that she is not able to walk. Ranvi understands her act and smiles. Nihaal asks whether it’s paining so much. Veera fusses and answers that she will not talk to him for not coming soon inspite of her calling him several times. Nihaal looks at Ratan but she doesn’t say anything.

Precap Veera wants Nihaal to open the aachaar bottle as he has so much strength.

Update Credit to: seelaks

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