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The Episode starts with Veera thinking about Ranvi and Gunjan’s relation. She calls Gunjan and talks to her. She asks did she sleep. Gunjan says no, I m awake, is everything fine. Veera says yes, I wanted to talk to you, is everything fine there. Gunjan cries and says I know I did not support Ranvi there, I could not control things there. She says Ranvi is fine, don’t worry and ends the call. Veera says its not fine, as Ranvi was not with Gunjan. She calls Ranvi and asks is he not with Gunjan. He says I m outside. She asks him to end his annoyance. He says he does not get anyone to talk at home, except Gunjan, as Biji and Chai ji are not there and he misses them. She ends call and says even Ranvi is right, after Bij left, they got alone, even Chai ji is not here, the house will be looking lonely to them.

Its morning, Veera sees fertility sites. Baldev wakes up and sees her smiling. He asks the reason. She says she is thinking about kids. He says he don’t want to become father for 2 years. She says I m saying about Gunjan, house looks lonely after Ratan died, a child is necessary to end the problems between Ranvi and Gunjan. She explains him about fertilizing techniques and he says he did not understand anything. She asks him to read himself. He asks what will I read, why this biology class now. He asks her to explain. She explains him.

She asks his help and asks him to tell this to Ranvi. He says what, are you mad, how can I tell him. She challenges him and he agrees. She thanks and hugs him. he worries. Baldev sits working. Veera asks him to talk to Ranvi today. She convinces him and he agrees. Its night, Baldev calls Ranvi and asks him to meet at polyhouse. He has to talk. Ranvi asks at this time, is everything fine, no need to explain me anything. Baldev says can’t we talk like friends for Gunjan and Veera’s sake. Ranvi says fine, I will come. Baldev gets wine bottle and thinks he will need this today.

Baldev talks to Ranvi and says he got cola drink for him. He talks to him about the harvest, and his singing. Ranvi says everything is fine. Baldev talks to him about Gunjan’s sadness, which she is not expressing to anyone. He asks him to think if it was Veera in Gunjan’s place. He apologizes to him and Ranvi forgives him. Baldev gives him pakodas and its so spicy that Ranvi drinks wine instead cola in hurry. He asks did he call him to make him have wine. Baldev says he has to tell him something. He says he has to tell something and gets courage to tell him.

Baldev asks him to be as his Saala, not Jija, else he can’t tell him. Ranvi says fine. Baldev asks him to have some cola. Ranvi says its bitter too, is there anything mixed in it. Baldev says no, show me. He checks it. Baldev tries to tell him about the new fertility techniques and is shy. He explains him and asks him to think he is guy. Ranvi says I m a guy indeed. Baldev says let me complete. Ranvi says fine, tell me what to do. Baldev says you have to start, then nothing much. He gets Balwant’s call and says no, I m not drunk, tell me the work, and I will get the shagun letter kept here. Ranvi says his head is aching. Baldev asks does he likes kids. Ranvi says I like kids a lot. Baldev says I don’t like kids, they are so naughty.

He says I know you want to become a father. Ranvi recalls Deepu. Baldev falls asleep while talking. Ranvi says I got this gift for Deepu but could not give her yesterday. He sees Baldev slept nd goes to give the gift to Deepu. Geet goes to close the door and sees Ranvi drunk. He holds the door and looks at her.

Ranvi holds Geet in his drunken state. He tells Geet that he can’t live without her, and thinks she is Gunjan. He asks does she feel lonely without him. She says yes.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. bad serial. plz don’t make geet on gunjans place. plz give some values for relationships. I want to solve the indifference b/w ranvi n gunjan. gunjan is not dat bad. she is jst possessive for ranvi.

  2. OMG! Pls dnt spoil ranvir’s character now…

  3. Oh my God mistaken identity….nice episode.

  4. Like Ranvi and Geet’s jodi better than Ranvi and Gunjun

  5. is Gunjan leaving the show.i even when drunk Ranvi should know d way to his house

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