Veera 2nd July 2013 Written Episode Update

Veera 2nd July 2013 Written Episode, Veera 2nd July 2013 Written Update

Ratan realizes Veera lie and scolds her. Veera is dejected. Moti Chaiji tries to talk to Ratan about her mother-daughter relationship with Veera but Ratan denies saying there’s no such bond between them and Veera will always be only Ranvi’s sister not her daughter. She said she made a deal with God that if Sampooran returns she’ll accept Veera but since he never came even she can’t keep her side of bargain as Veera reminds her of her ill-fate and her the loss of her husband. Nihal overhears all this and is very disturbed and blames himself for all this misery.

Veera is in her room and is upset wondering when will Ratan again speak to her. Chaiji comes to her and sheds a tear when Veera enquires about Ratan’s attitude and also asks when will she forgive her. She prays for Veera.

Nihal comes to Ratan’s room and says that he wants to leave. Ratan thinks that he’s talking about going back to Chaiji’s house but he clarifies that he needs to leave Preetampura. Ratan is shocked but Nihal pleads with her to not ask anything.

Ranvi is playing with other kids in the lanes when the other kids warns Ranvi that if he gets out this time they won’t let him play with them. Ranvi is about to play when he sees Nihal walking past and calls him. He sees that Nihal is upset and enquires. Then Ranvi asks Nihal to teach him to play gilli-danda. Nihal teaches him and Ranvi is happy. The other kids call Ranvi to play. Ranvi asks Nihal to watch him play. Chaiji is also there, looking at the scene but Nihal leaves. Ranvi wins this time but Nihal is no where around.

Chaiji comes back home and Ratan breaks the news of Nihal leaving the village. Chaiji is shocked and asks why to which Ratan has no clue. Chaiji is adamant that Ratan should have stopped him but Ratan says she has no right. Chaiji is adamant and wants to know why is he leaving. She goes to asks him but Ratan is certain that he won’t stop.

Precap: Chaiji begs Nihal to not to leave them and Nihal looses his cool.

Update Credit to: euphoric

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