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The Episode starts with Veera talking to Balwant about Baldev. He blesses her that Lord gives her strength, as everything will fall apart if she breaks. She says I won’t break, I know Baldev loves me a lot and his love is my strength. He says I don’t know how much Baldev loves you, but I have seen how much you love him, Baldev is very lucky, I will pray everything gets fine between you both. He leaves. Ranvi tells everyone at home that Rajveer planned all this, he has killed Nihaal Chachu and trapped Baldev. He says Rajveer was eyeing our Veera, so he did all this, if Nihaal did not know his truth, Rajveer would have done something else to trap Baldev.

Ratan says poor Baldev, we did not trust him. Chai ji says bad time has passed. Gunjan says I said my brother can’t do this. Ranvi apologizes

to her and says Rajveer filled my mind, he told me in morning, that Baldev and Nihaal has fight about his illegal business. He says he is feeling guilty now. Ratan says even I did this mistake of not trusting Baldev. She says we have treated Veera badly, how will I face her now. Chai ji says Veera has grown up and she will understand you. Ratan says she will meet Veera before going for yatra.

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Baldev comes to meet his friends who are celebrating. He recalls Veera asking him to marry her. He does not join them and leave. Veera cries recalling his anger. She says how long will he make her wait, she can’t bear the distance now. Ranvi tells Gunjan that he made big mistake, he always treated Baldev bad, but he always bear it for Veera’s sake, today their relation turned bitter because of me. Gunjan says no, their relation is not weak. Ranvi says no, I have seen them, Baldev has turned his face from her.

She says only then can solve it, as no third person can do anything. We can’t do anything. He says no, Baldev’s anger and hatred is because of me, if his anger or me gets less, maybe he will be fine with Veera. She asks him to meet Baldev and apologize, as relations get strong by apologizing. He says you are right, I will apologize to him. She hugs him and says everything will be fine. Baldev comes home and sees Veera sleeping. He holds her and she turns being asleep. She recalls all his tortures and he sits caressing her. She opens her eyes and shouts seeing him. Baldev moves back.

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She says sorry, you came, I will arrange dinner. He says no, I have some work. He goes and brings wine bottles. He takes it and leaves. He joins his friends and celebrates his victory. Billa says Veera is at hime, we thought you will celebrate with her. Baldev says now you will tell me what to do with Veera. Jaggi says its enough of your anger, you are troubling her since long, its all over now, why are you troubling her now. Billa says leave it Jaggi. Baldev says you are my childhood friend, this does not mean I bear a anything you say. He gets angry.

Ranvi comes to meet Baldev. Baldev laughs seeing him, and folds hands to greet him, calling him the most decent guy of this pind. He asks him will he have wine. Ranvi says no. Baldev says why will he drink, this celebration is if my victory and Ranvi’s failure. Ranvi says whatever I did, I m ashamed and I want to apologize for everything. He says I did not trust you. Baldev laughs and says I already heart this, when I was blamed to put illegal wine in your godown and it was proved wrong, that time also you came like this to apologize to me, you got habitual not to trust Baldev, and the great thing is his sister also went on him, she says she did mistake and she will trust me, and she does same mistake again, and then I see doubt in her eyes, I m fed up.

He says you and Veera think well what do they want from him, as he can then live peacefully. Ranvi says he is ready to hear any bitter thing, he knows he was wrong, he is ready for any punishment, but if you can’t see what Veera did for you and can’t see her love, then I pity on you. You will have big failure if you lose Veera’s love. He leaves.

Baldev comes home and recalls Ranvi’s words. He recalls Veera’s words. Mahiya…………….plays…………… He comes to his room in drunken state and sees her. He gets closer to her. She holds him and they go ahead to kiss. She hugs him, Mahiya…………plays…………. Bansuri stands in the door and sees them.

Veera talks to Ranvi and says she would have not let him take any wrong step, she knows he was saying what he has seen, so she wanted to prove Baldev innocent. Baldev hears this and gets angry.

Update Credit to: Amena

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