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Veera 2nd April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Arora telling Ranvi now he knows why he did this. Ranvi asks what. Arora says you should have told me what you wrote, I scolded you, the truth was you wrote the song and was hesitant to show me, the song is very nice and reads the lines. Ranvi looks at Gunjan. Arora asks him to complete the song and record it, and the title song of the album will be this sond. Gunjan smiles. Dhingra gets glad. Ranvi says there is some misunderstanding, this is not my song, we can’t use this, give me, I will write another song, else you can case. Arora asks why, are you talking to other album and giving this song. Ranvi says no. Arora gets angry.

Ranvi says there is nothing like that. Arora asks why are you not using the song. Ranvi says its not mine. Gunjan says he means he has to make more

better songs. Arora says I will have this song, I decided. Dhingra says sure, we will do recording, come with me, we will discuss. They leave. Bansuri waits for Veera and Baldev. Manjeet asks where did they go. Bansuri says I m worried. Veera buys vegs and sees Baldev. Mahiya…………plays………. She sits behind him on the bike and is upset. He races the bike and she holds him after the jerk.

Manjeet says call Baldev, ask him to get balm for my headache, we should now is he alone or with Veera. They see Veera and Baldev coming home. Manjeet asks where did they go. Veera says they went to get kirana items. Manjeet says she is happy to see them together for the work, it makes relation strong, he did right to forgive Veera. Bansuri says even when she has filled Balwant’s ears. Baldev says its external matters, at home she is my wife and I love her. Veera hears thios and smiles.

Bansuri asks Manjeet to say what is she thinking. Manjeet says that their relation is strong and there is something by which we can break them. Bansuri says yes, we have to. Manjeet thinks Veera and Baldev has to be away for the thing I want. Bansuri says she has more worry than her. Manjeet says they are my loved ones and asks her plan. Ranvi tells Dhingra that he will tell Arora that he did not write the song, don’t know who is the writer. Gunjan says it was handwritten, no name of writer, its by some old poet. Dhingra says we can use this, there can’t be any issue, we should be thankful to Gunjan that she saved us.

Ranvi says I understand, how can I take someone’s song. Dhingra says you will be putting life in the poetry, and I m your manager, think about my house. Gunjan asks him to agree. Ranvi says fine. She hugs him and Dhingra smiles and thanks him. He leaves. Gunjan says she is glad that he agreed. Ratan looks on and smiles.

Baldev talks to Jaggi on phone and Veera bumps into him. His phone falls and their head strike. She steps on his hand and hits his eyes, and cares for him by blowing in his eye. He smiles seeing her. Manjeet comes and sees them. They move back. She says panchayat called, Bansuri is calling you. Bansuri tells Baldev that panchayat called everyone to decide between mall and school. She tells Veera that it will be decided tomorrow. Balwant comes and says I m sure panchayat will decide in favor of school. Bansuri says your trust will go when panchayat chooses mall. He says lets see. Baldev looks at Veera.

Ranvi asks Ratan and Chai ji why did they not tell him before, he would have spoke to Baldev. Chai ji says no, matter would have got spoiled, you are already in your problems. Ratan says this created tension between Veera and Baldev. Ranvi asks are they fighting for this. Chai ji says there is nothing to worry, Veera said they decided to respect the panchayat decision. Ranvi says I will come in panchayat. Ratan says no, you will go for recording tomorrow. She says big responsibilities come with big posts. Chai ji asks him not to say Gunjan. They ask him to sing well. He says fine, all the best. Ratan thanks him and he leaves.

Ratan asks Chai ji why does this always happen, everything gets bad again after getting fine, why. She worries for the panchayat decision, how will she decide as sarpanch, it will affect Ranvi and Gunjan, Veera and Baldev. Chai ji pacifies and hugs her. Its night, Baldev comes to his room. Veera says I know you are annoyed, when we left decision on panchayat, why should we get this between us, I don’t like to fight, I love you a lot, my every breath is linked to you. She hugs him.

Its morning, Bansuri asks Baldev to have curd and sugar, you will win. Baldev says no need, you made me eat this for 10th exams and even then I had to give exams four times. Veera prays and looks on. Manjeet asks them to come back soon and give good news that Baldev won. Balwant says thinking has to win, not person. Manjeet calls someone and says panchayat will do the last hit now and I will get what I want.

The panchayat asks Ratan to decide. Bansuri says she will favor her daughter and choose school. Balwant says we are sure Ratan will decide for pind and they all will agree. Ratan says I have taken the decision.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  3. Veera ladki hi change karwa do uski acting sabse bakwaas hasti hai toh laagta hai ro rahi hai roti hai toh lagta hai hass rahi hai upper se bakwaas pendu gunjan i hate dis serial

  4. tania dnt say abt gunjan.she is d best. veera is also good.if u dnt like d shw den stop watching it guys..stop criticizing the characters.

  5. I hate Ranvi he is the worst character ever

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