Veera 29th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Veera 29th October 2013 Written Episode, Veera 29th October 2013 Written Update

Headmaster gives Veera a chance and Ranvi thanks him but he tells him that it will only be ascertained that Veera copied or not after she passes the exam. Ratan and Ranvi wait for Veera as she writes her paper in the headmaster’s cabin. Ratan is not pleased with Ranvi as he’s left his own paper incomplete for Veera whilst he tries to assure her that though he hasn’t completed his paper whatever he has written he’s written it well.

Veera solves the paper and secures 45% marks and headmaster alleges that it proves that Veera hasn’t prepared well. But her teacher certifies that Veera is in 2nd standard but have solved 4th std’s papers. Headmaster praises Veera and it’s proved that Veera was innocent. Headmaster apologies to Ratan and assures Ratan that he’ll see how he can help Ranvi too. In the meanwhile another student enters and reports that Babli’s pencil box had chits. Headmaster confronts Babli and she accepts her faults and apologizes but she’s suspended for a week. She however doesn’t spill the beans on Baldev as she’s scared of him. Ratan is relieved. Gunjan and all the school kids praise Ranveera.

Babli is leaving with her mom and crying. Ranvi asks her who was her accomplice.

Headmaster knows that Babli was not the only one at fault. He tries to play a trick to nab the culprit. Baldev is worried.

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