Veera 29th May 2013 Written Episode Update


Veera 29th May 2013 Written Episode, Veera 29th May 2013 Written Update

Balwant tries to make Ranvi understand that since they don’t have Sampooran’s body, performing last rites is not possible but Nihal intervenes saying that they should also respects emotions. Balwants asks how is that possible and what will they offer in the pyre. Ranvi thinks of something and goes in Ratan’s room to fetch Sampooran’s clothes and belonging. He tells Ratan he wants to perform Sampooran’s last rites. Ratan and Ranvi hugs each other and cries. Ranvi assures Ratan that she shouldn’t worry as he will take care of everything. Mother and son comfort each other and Ranvi leaves. Ratan removes her bindi and bangles.

The ladies present is the courtyard try to comfort Chaiji but she complains about fate and Sampooran saying he didn’t do this right and now she’ll never be able to forgive him. She’s concerned about Ratan. Ratan comes downstairs dressed as a widow and Chaiji remembers how beautiful she was looking when she had dressed for the wedding. Ratan and Chaiji console each other.

Ranvi keeps all the belongings of Sampooran on the funeral pyre. He’s crying. Kartar too is unconsolable while Nihal looks on.

Ratan pulls the dupata she had been hanging on the roof down citing there’s no purpose left for it as the wait is over.

The women reach the funeral ground. The neighbour female also gets Veera. She sees the bangle she had hung with Ratan’s dupata on the pyre and asks Ranvi what is it doing here. Ranvi replies that their Papaji is not going to return but Veera denies in her innocence. Chaiji pulls Veera back.

Ratan steps forward and covers Sampooran’s belonging with her Dupata.

Ranvi is dejectedly walking in the fields when he feels something strange and looks around but spots nothing. Then they show tiger coming out and roaming in the fields.

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