Veera 29th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Veera 29th March 2014 Written Episode, Veera 29th March 2014 Written Update

Episode starts with Biji and chaiji conversation, biji says, i am feeling very frightened, why they not came till now and baldev also dont know about any meeting at his home. Chaiji says, call to veera or ranveer. But veera does not pick up the phone. BIji then call to bansari taiji and ask, veera and ranveer has bring back to gunjan. Bansari says, gunjan didnt came to my house. Is something happen? Biji says, i will call you later.
BIji again call to ranveer then ranveer pick up the phone and says, i cant hear your voice then he cut the phone.
Biji says, i think ranveer and veera is trying to hide something. Ranveer and veera reaches to bus depot but they cant get gunjan.

Gunjan waits for manager and manager reaches at that place. Gunjan says, give my money back otherwise i will report

to police. Manager says, forget your money otherwise it will be bad for you. Gunjan fights with manager then manager fall down to gunjan and pick up the stone and says, i have already intimated you now i will kill you and burried you here. Ranveer reaches there and beat him. Manager run away.

Ranveer says, what are you doing here and why you said everybody wrong? Gunjan says, i want to go to cannada and i cant live with you and i want to fly. Gunjan gets frustrated and ranveer encourage her.

Sarpanch ji and bansari ji reaches at veera’s home and biji says, i dont know what is happening right now. She goes outside from house that she is going to your home. Bansari ji says, i think somebody has says something to her, then she gone away from house. Baldev reaches near to veera and baldev says, why you said wrong to everyone that gunjan is at my home. Dont know everybody is really gets tensed. Veera says, ask question from your sister and you are her brother, you have to know where she goes.

Baldev says, isnt she is your relative. why dont you care about her. DOnt waste time in fighting, lets find her. Veera goes near to bike and says, lets go. Ranveer says, i think you forget our relation but i dont forgot our relation and i will allow you to spoil your life. Gunjan again behave childish then ranveer gets angry and says, stop and lets go with me at home.

Bansari says, be cold and stay calm, gunjan will come back. Balwant tayaji says, how could i stay calm. Baldev and veera came and says, we couldnt find gunjan. Balwant tayaji says, i think you didnt find in a proper way.

Precap:- Biji ask from ranveer, where did gunjan gone and she said lie to everyone.

Update Credit to: tushar_sharma

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  3. Veera is boring now … 🙁
    Y doesn’t someone kill G find soemone pretty and nice and calm and hardworking for R
    And get B and V together

  4. Boring they should end this drama instead of meri bhabhi

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