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The Episode starts with Bansuri asking Gunjan to do anything to stop Deepu from coming in Ranvi’s life. Gunjan recalls Ratan’s words and thinks someone wants to break our relation, Ratan would have helped me if she was here, but I will not let this happen. Veera comes to Gunjan and talks to her. Geet comes home and asks for Deepu. He says she was just here and Geet says where did she go. Deepu is in Ratan’s room and makes a curtain. She shows him the stars wall. She says I told you that Ratan has become a star, this bright one is Ratan, I know you still find her in the home. He thanks her and hugs her.

Geet comes there and asks is she here. Deepu says I m not here. Geet comes to them and Deepu shows the stars, asking her to see her dad in it. Geet sees the stars. Gunjan sees Ranvi with Deepu

and dad. Deepu says Ranvi always helps her. Gunjan cries seeing them. Deepu says she will take care of Ranvi and asks Ratan not to worry. He hugs her. Baldev comes and asks Gunjan whats the matter, he did not do a brother’s duty well, but he can help her now as he has grown up. She says if you come to know what Veera can’t become a mum, then will the love get less. He says no, the love will increase, it will mean it will be weakness for her which I have to fill by love, why are you asking this, did Ranvi say anything. She says no. He asks what is the matter, tell me.

She says sometimes she gets bad thoughts and asks him not to worry, Ranvi loves her and can’t hurt her. Gunjan recalls Ratan’s words and Geet comes in kitchen to help her. Gunjan starts scolding her and insults her for being after Ranvi, after losing Baldev. She says you are using Deepu to show you can keep her happy. Geet says enough Gunjan, I m here but it does not mean you insult me, remember to keep Deepu away from this. Gunjan says you got Deepu to make him realize that I can’t give him a child.

Geet says don’t you get happy seeing Ranvi happy with Deepu, you love him. Gunjan asks her not to play game with her, she would have left the pind after her plan failed with Baldev. Geet asks her to have shame to talk like this with her cousin’s widow. Gunjan says she will always blame her, if she cares for relations, she should never come in this house and keep Deepu away from Ranvi. Deepu says she is hungry. Geet says we are going home and will eat there. She gets angry and leaves with Deepu.

Balwant tells Ranvi that they will leave and they all are with him always. Bansuri asks Gunjan to take care. Baldev asks Gunjan to come and talk to him. Veera cries and hugs Ranvi.

Baldev asks Gunjan to share the matter, he can see something is troubling her, which she is not telling him. He asks her to see Ranvi and Veera, they understand each other well and become support. He asks why is she not telling him, he promises he will do anything to support her. She cries and hugs him.

He asks what happened. She says what should I tell you, I m afraid that Ranvi will go far from me, that someone else is making place in his life, this can be my thinking too. Baldev gets shocked and looks at Ranvi. He says will Ranvi be far from you. He loves you madly and bears me because of you, he will never let anything take your place. She says I know but I feel I m not imp in his life like Veera is in your life, others make Ranvi happy now and he likes them. He asks who. She says Geet. He gets shocked.

Deepu arranges her bag. Geet comes to her and gives her milk. Deepu says she has to go to Ranvi. Geet refuses and asks her to study and not go. She scolds Deepu and says she has to do what her mum says. Deepu misses Ranvi. Baldev says Geet Parjai ji, but why do you doubt on her. Gunjan says she is not doubting, but scared. He says Ranvi is over the limit good and even Geet will not think so, you talk to Ranvi and not blame anyone without any proof, the relations will spoil, Veera and I doubted each other and doubt spoiled our relation, don’t bring doubt. She hugs him. He looks at Ranvi and Veera.

Manjeet asks Geet not to cry and shows the pic to Bansuri, about Deepu, Geet and Ranvi. Bansuri tells this to Baldev and shows the pic, that Ranvi made a new family. Baldev and Gunjan are shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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