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The Episode starts with Dilawar saying they have come to stay here. Ranvi asks what nonsense. Dilawar says the man whom you kept your home mortgaged, was my man. He says I made mistake that night and I want chance to rectify my mistake, don’t regard me wrong, I wanted to help you, I knew you have self esteem, and I took this home to help you, I want to prove that I m good man, if Geet and Deepu stay here, you will see I m changing, Deepu thinks you are her father and misses you, we will stay here together happily.

He asks Gunjan can he stay here with Deepu and Geet, I knew you will not think me wrong. Deepu says she is very happy. Dilawar asks Geet to come, they will stay in room next to Ranvi’s. Gunjan asks how can they stay here. Ranvi says I don’t know anything, I did not know that man is

Dilawar’s, he has cheated us, we will kick him out after paying the money. She says how will we get money. He says I will talk to Dhingra.

Gunjan calls Bansuri and tells him everything. Bansuri comes to Baldev and tells him about Dilawar going to stay at Ranvi’s home. Veera hears this and asks why. Bansuri asks did she not know this, Ranvi has done this intentionally to get Geet back at his home, he wanted Geet and Deepu to stay with him. Baldev gets angry and goes.

Inspector Khurana calls Veera and says he came to know about Pappa by old records, we came to know he was illiterate. Veera says it means his suicide note? He says yes, someone has written it and killed him, and also killed Ratan, we are reopening the case and will let you know. She is shocked. Dilawar asks Geet to pass roti. He sees the roti and starts insulting her. Ranvi and Gunjan look on. Ranvi goes. Geet goes to get curry. Dilawar asks Gunjan is she happy now. She says no, you cheated me, you brought her home when I asked you to take her far, I gave you the land thinking you will help me, and you did not do so, return the land to me back. He asks her to forget the fields as it belongs to him now. She is shocked. She thinks did she do mistake by trusting Dilawar.

Its morning. Veera waits for Khurana. He gets the letter copy, and she checks it. She says Pappa can’t write this, we have to open Ratan’s murder case. He says we found it that Pappa was hanged intentionally, as if Pappu tried to save himself. She says it means someone has killed him. He says we will find him, call me if you know anything. She says whose writing it could be. Dilawar brings his friends at home and asks Geet where is she going. She says I m going to give food to Deepu. He holds her hair and says you are my wife too, Ranvi is not at home, what will you do now, go and make tea.

Dilawar asks Geet to dance infront of his friends and hurts her. Deepu asks him to leave Geet and bites his hand. Dilawar asks his friends to leave and says he will teach some manners to Geet. Geet asks Deepu to run fast. Deepu cries and tells Gunjan about Geet… She runs being afraid. Dilawar beats Geet and scolds her. Gunjan comes there and hears Dilawar scolding Geet and asking her to dance infront of his friends. Gunjan thinks Ranvi was right, Dilawar treats Geet badly.

She asks him what is he doing. He asks her not to interfere. She says I told you to marry Geet, not ill treat her, I will tell Baldev and he will punish you being a sarpanch. He asks her to tell Baldev, then he will say you gave the fields to me. She says I will say myself. He says you won’t get fields back, and will Ranvi forgive you? He says he can kick her out anytime. She asks is he warning her. He says I can do it and pushes her on the floor. Geet says Gunjan………..

Ranvi and Deepu come home. Ranvi holds Gunjan and hugs her. She cries. Ranvi looks at Geet and Gunjan crying, and beats Dilawar. Baldev, Veera, Balwant and Bansuri come there. Ranvi says how dare Dilawar touch Gunjan, I will kill him. Baldev stops Ranvi. He says I will beat Dilawar and starts beating Dilawar. He says I m ashamed to trust him, and getting Geet married to him, I should have known you will not change. He scolds Dilawar and says Geet and Ranvi are my family, I will not bear to see anyone troubling them, get lost from here. Dilawar asks Gunjan to get him home soon, else he will tell her secret to Ranvi.

Gunjan cries and says she has told Dilawar to marry Geet, she is guilty, she gave Ratan’s fields to him. Ranvi says the woman who does not respect Ratan’s sentiments has no right to stay in Ratan’s house. Gunjan is shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Gunjan charecter is full of cheat and betrayal. She deserve this, pls donor change “kicking her out of home”

  2. Gud ranvi phli bar tm sai kr rhe nikal do us churail ko bahr nd marry geet she is perfect

  3. Gunjan bansuri and bhua character is stigma to indian women. No mother should have daughter in law like gunjan

  4. Good episode

  5. Dilawar should be beaten and caught by police for his misdeeds and gunjan should understand after all this…………

  6. Baldev only knows how to beat up people, he never uses his brain but his muscles.

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