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Baldev n veera are roaming around pind on bike.They are searching some place to talk freely. Veera says first time I am feeling our village is so small.. There is no place for privacy..Baldev sees poster of Golmaal movie and says we will go to watch movie in the evening.No one will recognize us there..
At home gunjan gives lassi to dalveer. He gives some goods to gunjan n says ranveer asked him to bring..veera comes n shocked to see Dalveer veerji there.. Veera gives vegetables to gunjam.. Dalbeer asks about her bike.. She says its good now..I have some work in room n goes from there..Gunjan doubts on veera..

Biji says to gunjan she will teach her how to cook “puda” (Its a dish).. ranveer comes n asks gunjan to come outside as he has some work..Biji says her to go with him.. They

come outside. Ranveer asks her to go and change her dress..
Here veera is also getting ready n says today is my first official date n smiles..She does her make up.. and gets baldev’s call..He says i cant wait so much come soon.. Veera teases him saying i am reading book…He asks her to come soon..
Gunjan comes n says i know you are taking me somewhere else ..Ranveer n gunjan goes…

Bansuri ji tells some women about baldev’s doings.. They says her not to worry n do his marriage..Her wife will handle him..Baldev is about to go but bansuri comes n says have samosa and tea with me..But he manages to go..Baldev is waiting for veera , thinks she is late… veera comes on her bike.He says you lied to me that you were reading book.. He praises her.. He asks her to come on his bike.. He gives her an umbrella…They sit on bike… He asks her to put her hand on his shoulder..She smiles..They reach on theatre n veera says she wants to eat popcorn.. Ranveer n gunjan also reached there..Veera and baldev goes after taking popcorn..Ranvver and gunjan are behind them but didnt notice them.. Gunjan says i am watching movie after many days..Both are standing at ticket window but cant see each other as there is crowd..Veera and baldev come at hall and sit there. A man comes and sits near to veera.. Baldev feels bad n asks vera to change seat with him..Ranveer n gunjan also come and searching fir their seats…Gunjan and ranveer are sitting some rows back from baldev n veera.. Both couples enjoy movie… Baldev n veera feed pop corn each other…Baldev’s phone rings.. Ranveer says why dont people switch off their mobile.. Gunjan says to ignore it ..and enjoy movie..Movie is over now..

All come out.. Veera says to baldev to wait there .she is going to washroom..Baldev is taking pic with a poster… Ranveer and gunjan saw him n he is shocked to see them.. Gunjan asks him veerji you are here..You are also watching movie. Veera also sees gunjan n ranveer.. Baldev signs her to go back. Veera goes back to washroom..Gunjan says are you come alone.. He says no , i am with my friends..She asks where are your friends..He fools them saying friends are waiting on ground floor.. He goes from there n hides.. Ranveer n gunjan also go to eat ice cream .. Baldev goes back and knocks ladies washroom..A lady comes and says dont you have manners.. you are standing outside ladies washroom..He again knocks, n this time veera comes.. She asks him to leave her at home before veerji and gunjan bhabhi reach there.. otherwise they will surely doubt on me..

Precap: baldev takes veera in his lap n says you need to take rest not to do work.. gunjan is shocked to see them..Veera says I love you baldev n he also says i love you too…

Update Credit to: Pri

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  1. Aweasome yaar

  2. Writers. ..please don’t forget that the story is about a unique mother the picture should be of veera and her brother..not baldev and veera

  3. Yea i agree with (aww) they should put pic of veera and ranvijay.

  4. No brother sis going out ughhh incest

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