Veera 29th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Veera 29th July 2013 Written Episode, Veera 29th July 2013 Written Update

The episode started with Balwant asking Ratan if she has any objections to the marriage. Ratan is shocked, and is unable to speak a word. Balwant says he and the Panchaid have thought everything thoroughly and this is the best for them. Wen Ratan still says nothing, Balwant asks her if he should take her silence as a yes. Nihaal looks on angrily and restlessly. Balwant asks the men to bring the thaal ahead, to go on with the rasm.

He asks Artaar to step forward and place the chaadar on Ratan. She is still silent, and shocked. When Kartaar places his hand on the chaadar, Ratan errupts, pushing away the thaal forcefully, sending it straight to the ground. Everyone is shocked. Ratan yells at everyone as to how they thought she would remarry? She screams at how she never asked for help from anyone till

today, and she would never either and that she is enough for her kids, and requires no man in her life. Kartaar says he just wants to be a father to her children, but Ratan screams and tells him that they do not require one. Ratan screams and says it’s Ratan parjaiji to him when he refers to her as ‘Ratan’. She says she is the wife of his friend, so its Ratan Parjaiji and only that.

Kartaar is not giving up and keeps telling Ratan about how he wants to protect the kids, but Ratan explodes saying he wants to protect the same girl (read Veera) whom he was ready to throw in front of the tiger? Kartaar is speechless. He says he would change, and that he would be a reformed man would take all the responsibilities on his shoulders, but Ratan refuses.

Meanwhile, Chaiji comes. She asks Kartaar sardonically how exactly did he become a responsible man? She says he has a big heart, and Balwant pipes in saying even Chaiji has agreed. Chaiji says sure, but first Kartaar should tell them if he was so responsible, then why did Gurpreet leave him? They didn’t even have kids. Kartaar said she made my life hell and she left, Balwant supporting him. Chaiji tells him and everyone that Gurpreet told her the exact oppositte. Kartaar says she is lying and that if she was so truthful, she should’ve come and said it in front of everyone. Chaiji says yes that would be fair.

And then she calls out to Gurpreet. Everyone is shocked, mosty Kartaar. They all look towards the direction Chaiji is looking at and an angry looking Gurpreet steps in front.

Precap: Gurpreet screaming to Kartaar that she has always remained patient and quiet and who else ever does that knowing their husband is wanting to marry another woman in front of them? Ratan is shocked as asks that they have never seen Kartaar even talk to any other woman, let alone want to marry her. She asks Gurpreet to tell them today which woman destroyed her life and who is responsible for this. Gurpreet looks at Ratan.

Update Credit to: ElmoFuj

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