Veera 29th January 2013 Written Episode Update


Veera 29th January 2013 Written Episode, Veera 29th January 2013 Written Update

nihal running with ranvi on back….in school play is on… baldev says inqalab zindabad and here nihal comes he shouts bhagat singh zindabad…everyone looks behind baldev unhappy… veera happy she shouts bhagat singh veerji zindabad…nihal says why are you all quite Real BS has come…ratan and MC happy…both go near stage and bansuri unhappy….ranvi comes on stage and looks with anger in his eyes towards baldev…ranvi smiles…and baldev goes awaya ranvi turns around and looks at the crowd everyone happy…play starts BG sound vande mataram…ranvi says his dialogues he starts with pagdi sambhal jatta…ratan looking at nihal…nihal smiles to ratan…now ranvi introduces jhansi ki rani and describes her we see jhansi ki rani… ranvi now says the dialogues again… that BS jumped in the fight to free our country…one by one he takes all the freedom fighters name…he says next time we all will be born from bharat matas stomach he says I salute to gandhiji….and Gandhiji comes Bg vaishno janani…ranvi says gandji and Nehru ji took this battle forward with the saying British leave India…veera asks who is bharat veerji we didn’t catch him ranvi says keep quite…now ranvi says now the time was to make a constitution he forgets the line… veera whispers the dialogues he says the points were made by bhimrao ambedkar…he says on 26 jan Indias constitution was made and says vande mataram…then they show a girl as bharat mata everyone salutes the bharat mata…play over….everyone praises ratan they says ranvi was too good and on the other hand bansuri scolds baldev…that he cut her nose…now nihal comes to ratan and ratan thanks … MC says thanks to u becoz of u chote chand is here…Mc asks where was he we searched everywhere and veera says in a ground hole and ratan says what… and ranvi tells the whole story…. MC says thanks we live by seeing ranvi only lakhs of thanks …ratan asks are u ok… ranvi says only little bit hurt on leg veera say we can apply balm na MC says yup my chilly….and she says I will apply balm to my veerji…
[Stage ] Principal comes and praises ranvi and calls a special person to distribute price for sports and all veer asks what will u get veerji ranvi says nothing…now principal whispers something in the teaches ears and he calls ranvi on stage…veera says veerji your special you will also get prize…and principal says today a small girl was also fallen in the hole but ranvi saved her even when he was getting late for the play

Principal says he didn’t care about programme and him for this bravery we will give him award just like other kids are given awards for bravery… prince says come up and MC says that is like mine sampoorans sons and veera shouts my veerji zindabad….everyone claps.. ranvi is given a medal but ranvi says even nihal chachu and veera should be awarded principal impressed and calls both on stage…veera says I wont be punished na and MC says no u will be awarded both say hurr….(that was cute)MC says to nihal u also go…

Nihal gets up and goes near stage everyone clapping….nihal is given the medal and gunjan sees this she is happy and claps…nihal puts the medal on ranvis neck…he puts his hand on his shoulder and poses for picture…MC remembers sampooran seeing this she then says in my what did I think….sorry god…ratan teary eyed…

Precap-a ball is found and a man says we got a ball near the hole and R is written on it he says was some one there and gunjan says no only ranvi was there…and bansuri says do I have to tell u that from R is ranvi(aargh again ranvi in problem)

Update Credit to: Rashu

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