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Veera 29th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Manjeet saying why did Baldev take back the FIR, did he get weak again, I have to talk to him and find out his hatred. She calls Baldev and asks about Ranvi getting out of jail, it means everything is fine between him and Veera, did she accept his mistake. He says no, she has ego, she will not apologize, I will not come back home, I did not take back complaint to come back home. She asks why, this is your house, come back home for your Biji. He says Balwant scolded me because of Veera, till she does not apologize to me, I won’t come home. He ends call.

Veera sees his pics and gets sad. Mahiya…………..plays………….Bansuri comes there and asks Veera to apologize to Baldev, so that he can come back home. She says she did mistake to stand against him in the elections.

Veera asks what. Manjeet comes and says he told you should apologize holding his feet infront of the panchayat and his friends. They provoke her more asking her to take all the blames on her. Veera asks does he want me to say all this. Bansuri says fine, apologize to him infront of us. She calls Baldev and says Veera is ready to apologize. Baldev asks really? Bansuri says yes, she regrets for her mistake and Ranvi’s mistake.

Veera says she will not apologize to him. I don’t feel Ranvi and I did wrong, I want Baldev to come back home, but I can’t pretend like this. She leaves. Bansuri says Baldev… Baldev ends the call being angry. Manjeet smiles. Veera cries and Bansuri comes to scold her. Veera says she will not apologize, else he will not realize his mistake. Bansuri asks her to get lost or die. Balwant comes and asks how is she talking. Bansuri says my son is not here. Balwant asks who stopped him to come. Bansuri says Veera is not apologizing to him. Balwant asks is he mad, its wrong, Veera did not cheat him, she did not insult him, he did all this with her, he should apologize.

Balwant says Veera’s respect and self esteem will go, and sends her to the room. He scolds Bansuri and Manjeet takes Bansuri. Veera cries and he pacifies her. Gunjan calls Dhingra and says media did not get to know anything. Dhingra asks can I talk to him. She tells Ranvi and he does not respond. She says he is tired, he will call later. She sees Ranvi sad. She says we can’t change what happened, but we can forget that and move on, atleast for the family’s sake. He says I m fine, I want to sleep now. She says fine, have good thoughts and positivity for tomorrow.

Bansuri talks to Gunjan and is angry on Veera and Ranvi. She says Veera always insults Baldev, he wanted her to apologize and she is refusing, your dad is supporting her. She says she is alone. Gunjan says I m with you, I don’t care who is against us, I will bring Baldev home, this is my promise. Veera imagines Baldev coming to her and smiles. He holds her face and they have a sweet moment. She says I want him to come back, but I can’t do anything wrong, I can’t apologize. She cries.

Dhingra comes and talks to Ranvi and Gunjan. Ranvi says she told me to forget everything and move on, so I thought to get busy in work. Ratan says Baldev is becoming sarpanch today, so I will handover all files to her. Ranvi asks Gunjan will she come along. She says no. He says fine and she asks shall I go with Ratan to panchayat office. He says you can go and leaves. Gunjan asks Ratan and Chai ji can she come to meet Baldev, and he saved Ranvi from media and taken back the FIR. Ratan says fine, he is your brother. Chai ji says he is family, you go.

Bansuri says she is glad that Baldev is becoming sarpanch today and Veera says she won’t come along. Bansuri scolds her. She says she is very selfish and Baldev is unlucky that she is his wife. Manjeet also scolds her saying Bansuri and Baldev does not like her, and Veera is stupid to stick to her ethics. She asks Veera to come.

Veera tells Ratan what Baldev did, he has hurt her and Ranvi, and now wants to hurt her infront of everyone. Ratan pacifies her. Veera says I don’t know what to do now.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Veera should ask divorce from baldev n maybe this will scare him into apologising to Her n returning home n confessing his crimes

    1. Yaeh u r ryt yaar…im also think that samething

  2. please stop this bakwas drama.stupid story line

  3. Uh!,even 2day no improvmnt I think cold war comes again coz the conflict never stop in this serial.

    1. through this serial I learned the conflict in relationshp is prestige.

  4. rishi sank and mrs jayanthi jana

    veera please make something to fool baldev and bansuri dont let ranvi alone

    1. Veera can’t fool baldv coz even her fooled by dirctor so its hard to enjoy as we wish coz of our honorable dirctor

    2. hard to fool anyone coz even her fooled by dirctor,

  5. iam praying that no one shld break the tv becoz of this serial!!


      1. i also thinks 2 break my tv becoz of this serial. but wht 2 do? it was my tv na???

  6. din ba din serial bhakwaas banta jaara

  7. plz stop this idiot serial. v can’t look at starplus becoz of this drama

  8. ur ryt. it’s really boring. even a 1st std student may narrate a better story than this

  9. its a very annoying serial, i prefer to read the updates now than watch

  10. even i stop 2 read the updates. 2day only i read n found that still no improvement is there

  11. this serial is in so sad condition

  12. plz stop this nonsense serial. wht’s the story n y this dragging????

  13. Plzzz stop this seriel i jst hate this dragging

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