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The Episode starts with Baldev telling his decision to Simran about leaving the Pind, as he wants to be away from Veera. She gets worried. Nihaal comes to Chai ji and asks about Veera. Ratan asks him to stay for lunch. Ranvi looks on. Nihaal says he will leave now, he will come later. Chai ji says Ranvi should have stopped him, he would have stopped then. Ranvi says Biji told him, did I say no. Ratan says leave it, it’s a small thing. Chai ji says yes, its small thing, Nihaal’s relation with us, their friendship, since he said no to Ratan and Nihaal’s relation, everything went bad, he feels he need Ranvi’s permission every time. Ratan says leave it Chai ji. Chai ji tells Ranvi that Ratan loves her, even she loves her, but she wants to tell the truth, that he has taken Ratan’s only friend from

her. Ranvi thinks about Ratan and Nihaal. He tells Ratan that Chai ji was saying right, he has snatched her only friend from her, right? Ratan bows down.

Jaggi and Billa come to Baldev’s house. They see Simran and Amrit going and hear their talk. Simran says she was marrying Baldev to stay in this haveli, she does not love Baldev and she will not marry him. She says Raj was better. Amrit asks is she still meeting Raj. Simran gets angry and leaves. Jaggi calls Veera and tells Simran wants to leave Baldev. Veera gets happy. Jaggi and Billa influence Baldev more. They call Veera and make them hear everything. Amrit fills Bansuri’s ears and they scold Baldev fro his decision to leave Pind. Balwant says its good that Baldev is thinking about his future. Jaggi gives all updates to Veera, that Simran is very angry.

Bansuri says why will Bladev go to city and work, we have money here, why should he work. Billa says Simran will work at home, if he earns 5000rs, Simran will save Rs 2500. Veera laughs hearing this. Amrit asks Baldev to think about his parents. Balwant asks Baldev to go ahead with his decision. Amrit and Simran worry. Ratan is working in kitchen. Ranvi says he will help her in making roti, trust him. She smiles. He talks to her and asks about Veera. She says she knows he is asking as she said yes and he said no, she felt Baldev will change. Ranvi asks if he take any big step for Veera, will they trust him that he will do it for her better. She says yes, but what are you going to do. He says you will know it in evening. He makes the roti and asks her to have it. She says its good, you went on your dad Sampooran.

Bansuri cries and says she can’t live with Baldev. She tries emotional blackmail and says how can he leave the house when I want a bahu here. Baldev says he will come in between. Bansuri says she always supported her and what is he doing now. She hugs Amrit and cries. Amrit asks her to cry less as its looking over acting. Baldev says fine, I will go Chandigarh, its close by. Bansuri says if I get heart attack, will you come from there. She says I will die missing you. Baldev says he can’t be happy here. Bansuri says fine and cries. Baldev says I want to do some work outside the pind, enough now, I will not go anywhere and stay here, see my face all the time. Bansuri and Amrit smile.

Ranvi asks everyone to wait for sometime. Rajveer comes and greets them. Gunjan says Rajveer asked me for a big thing for his help, don’t know I can do this or not, but I can try. Rajveer says he was very happy to get Ranvi’s call, he told Gunjan but he did not know they will decide it so soon. Ranvi says he was glad when Gunjan told this to him, he was thinking the same, he is happy to know this. Ratan asks whats going on. Chai ji says don’t know. Ratan asks whats the matter. Ranvi says he has to tell everyone, and he is waiting for Veera. He asks Gunjan where is Veera, and did she tell her. Gunjan says yes.

Billa tells Baldev that he will ruin three lives, his life, Veera and Simran’s. Baldev says not Veera’s, she will marry the guy Ranvi chooses. Billa says no, she won’t. she loves only you, and will love you till the end of her life. He says only you can burn your relation, not Veera, please talk to her once. He says he will regret it later.

Ranvi tells Ratan and Veera about choosing someone for Veera. Baldev is shocked hearing this.

Update Credit to: Amena

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