Veera 28th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Veera 28th March 2014 Written Episode, Veera 28th March 2014 Written Update

Episode starts with veera, biji, chaiji and gunjan. Veera says, i will go with gunjan bhabi to her home because i have some urgent work to balwant tayaji regarding university. Chaiji says, could you please bring medicine for me.
Gunjan says, i am going. Gunjan gives rupees to manager and says, please do urgently because i have to go to cannada. Manager says, i am going to deposit this money in my bank account. Manager goes and says, you stay there, i am coming in few mins.
Veera goes to market and baldev calls her and says, you are looking gorgeous and if any pet will see you then they will eat you. Veera says, where are you? Baldev jump in front of veera. Veera’s phone fall down and baldev does notorious things with veera and also took veera’s phone then veera also take his phone.

Veera says, my phone was broke down due to your mistake now you will correct it. Gunjan waits for manager and gunjan sees veera and hide herself.
Gunjan pray to God, dont double cross with me Bhagwan ji this time. Dont break my dream this time.
Baldev came and gives phone to veera and veera gave baldev’s phone. Chaiji says, what are doing with your phone. Biji says, dont worry baldev, i will give money for it. Veera says, dont worry biji, he has done wrong with my phone then he will pay it. baldev says, no problem, i will pay for you.
Biji says, baldev what happen about meeting. Gunjan is gone to her mother’s home. Baldev says, there is no meeting at my home. Veera says, he doesnt know anything. I will call to bansari taiji then everything will get confirmed.
Bansari taiji says, no gunjan didnt come there. Veera got surprised but she doesnt tell anything to biji and chaiji. Veera tells lie to biji and chaiji and says, i am going to meet veerji then i will bring back gunjan bhabi to home.
Gunjan waits for manager. Veera reaches to ranveer and says, gunjan is not at her mother’s home. Ranveer says, i will call her. gunjan cut the phone and then switched off the phone. Gunjan says to herself, did she bring my money or run away? Gunjan called manager at his office number and says, give my money back otherwise i will complaint in police. Here veera and ranveer inquire about gunjan but they dont get anything.
Someone tell that they saw gunjan at bus stand. Manager calls to gunjan and says, i was stucked in some work. Gunjan says, i want my money back otherwise i will going to police station.

Precap:- Veera and ranveer searches to gunjan and here gunjan meet with manager and manager says, you forget your money.

Update Credit to: tushar_sharma

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