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Veera 28th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Baldev at the mic and Veera removing its connection. Baldev says I love Veera and no one is able to hear it. They ask him to say loudly. Baldev sees Veera removing the connection and she signs him not to say. Veera goes to the stage and says Baldev wants to congratulate Ranvi for the recording’s success. Veera also praises Ranvi. Gunjan and Ranvi smile. Veera says this day is very special for me. She says Ranvi is the best brother, I love you Veer ji. Everyone clap. Everyone go to have food. Baldev holds Veera’s hand and takes her to corner. He says why did you do this, I would have told everyone about our love. She says they would have been shocked, I can’t hurt our families, we have to tell them on right time.

Baldev says fine, when you feel the right time has come,

you tell them, then we will dance. He says lets go and have food. Ranvi and Gunjan come home. Gunjan says your voice has magic and says everyone has praised you, its your life’s first Jalsa and you will have many in life. They have a talk. She says he is her hero. He smiles. She says about Baldev. He says he did not invite Baldev. She says but he said he invited him. He says maybe he is mistaken, sleep now, its late. He goes out and she thinks.

Its night, Veera comes to meet Baldev in his room. He asks why did you come like thief. He asks now what, I proposed you and said yes. She asks can’t I come, if you can dare to go on stage to tell you love me, can’t I dare to come here. She says you really dared and proved you really love me. I was very tensed and I did not praise you, but I really liked this, if no one heard you, I heard you and you won the challenge. He says yes, I did it and I should get a prize for this. She asks what do you want. He asks what will you give me. She says anything, just tell me.

He smiles and walks towards her. Music plays……………… Happy shappy wala love……………… plays………….. He asks anything. She looks at him. He gets closer and she closes her eyes. Bansuri knocks the door and they get shocked. Bansuri asks him to open the door. Baldev asks Veera to leave soon. Veera says no, I won’t go. He says what. She says if you want me to go, you have to tell me 10 I love you. He says very fast I love you ten times and asks her to go now. Bansuri says Baldev…… Veera smiles and leaves.

Baldev acts as if he was sleeping. He opens the door and lies to Bansuri. She asks why did you shout, is everything fine. He says when did I shout, no. Maybe I was talking in dream. He asks her to go now as he has to sleep now. Bansuri sees a flower vase broken and asks him. She says it was costly. He says my hand touched it by mistake and it broke. He asks her to go and sleep too, and make them stay happy. She asks who both? He says me and my snores. He shuts the door. Bansuri thinks.

Its morning, Bansuri tells Balwant that Baldev uis doing stupid strange things, we have to talk to him, its because of his bad company of friends. He says yes, his friends got spoiled because of him. Baldev comes to them. Bansuri asks him not to hide anything from them and says we know everything. Baldev thinks did Biji see her yesterday, no maybe my stupid friends told them, its time to tell them the truth. Baldev says what to say if you know the truth. He says its Changa. She says what, you think its Changa what you are doing. He says whats wrong in this, everyone does it and I like it. He gets Veera’s message to meet her in 10 mins.

He replies her and smiles. He says I have to go for some work and leaves. Bansuri cries and says Haye Rabba, my son is walking on wrong path and he thinks he is not doing anything wrong, what will we do now. Ratan asks Veera where is she going. Veera says to polyhouse site to check. Gunjan asks her to have food. Ranvi says I will drop you. Veera says I m not hungry and will go by bike. She leaves. Chai ji says I never saw her before like this. Gunjan looks on.

Veera comes to meet Baldev and says sorry to come late, everyone was asking me questions. He says yes right, even at my home Biji questioned me. He sees an insect on her dress and throws it. She smiles. A man comes and asks Veera why is she here, does she have any work. Veera says yes, my bike is damaged, so Baldev was helping me, we will manage. The man says fine, call me if you have any work. She gets a call from Gunjan. Gunjan asks is she at site. Veera says yes. Gunjan asks her to bring some veg while coming. Veera says fine.

Another man comes and greets Baldev. They don’t get time with each other. She says we can’t talk here, lets go somewhere else where there is no crowd. He says park your bike here, lets go together. Veera and Baldev come to another place and she asks him to say what he wanted to tell her. A woman comes and Baldev says if she sees me here, it will be a problem and asks Veera to hide. Veera hides. The woman asks what is Baldev doing here. Baldev says I came to talk to my friend. Phone gets good signal here. The woman leaves.

Baldev says you said no one will come, but everyone does not have work and raoming. She says lets go somewhere else. He says lets go where I take you. They come to another place and does not get chance to talk.

Veera and Baldev come to watch a movie and she asks him to buy popcorm. Ranvi and Gunjan come to the same theatre.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Amazing epi….. 😀 so funny…… 😀

  2. Writers. ..please don’t forget that the story is about a unique mother the picture should be of veera and her brother..not baldev and veera

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