Veera 28th January 2013 Written Episode Update


Veera 28th January 2013 Written Episode, Veera 28th January 2013 Written Update

Chaiji and Ratan are on their way to school. Ranvi passes by but they didn’t notice him. The teacher asks Dalbir where Ranvi is. Baldev sees this and wickedly smiles. Ranvi is running while he hears someone’s voice asking to save him/her. He goes to see whose voice it is but controls as he himself is about to fall in the pit. Ranvi asks Gunjan why is she there. Gunjan gets irritated and replies that she cannot be alright when she is inside a pit. She urges Ranvi to help her. Ranvi says he will get someone but Gunjan insists him to save her. She tells him to save her soon as she is getting scared. Ranvi thinks that he will get late but doesn’t want to leave Gunjan alone. He gives her his hand to catch so that he can pull her out. In the process, he falls into the pit. The teachers are worried as Ranvi hasn’t turned up yet.

Gunjan says sorry to Ranvi for pulling him inside the pit by mistake. Ranvi gets worried as he is not able to get out and the drama is about to start. Veera meets Chaiji and Ratan. They start to laugh and Chaiji make fun of her mirchi. Veera asks her about Veerji. She tells them that Ranvi went to get flowers for her and did not return. Ratan and Chaiji understand that something is serious. They leave to search for him. Meanwhile, Baldev meets the teachers and tell them that Ranvi ran to home as he was scared. He says he remembers the dialogues of Bhagat Singh and if they permit he can play the role. Ranvi and Gunjan are trapped and are raising their voices so that someone comes to help them. Baldev recites the dialogues without stammering and bags the role of BS. Ratan and Chaiji are extremely worried as they could find Ranvi anywhere. Veera comes near the pit and sees that Ranvi and Gunjan are inside it. Baldev is ready with the costumes of BS.

The program starts. Ratan is still reaching for Ranvi. Veera asks Ranvi to catch her leg and come up. Ranvi refuses saying she doesn’t have strength to lift him. She insists him to do as beeji had said they will get strength if they drink milk. Ranvi pleads her. Veera brings a stick and asks him to use that and get out of the pit. Ranvi tells get to get some tall men from village for help. She asks him not to go anywhere until she returns. Flag is hoisted at school. Veera keeps repeating the word ‘tall man’ while going. She hesitates to ask help as everyone is short. Veera notices Nihaal and calls him. Ratan and Chaiji are still worried. They notice Baldev dressed up as Bhagat Singh. Chaiji feels bad as Ranvi is not able to participate in spite of his hard work. Veera shows Nihaal the pit. Nihaal brings Ranvi and Gunjan out. Veera asks if he is alright and tells that the drama is about to start. Ranvi says he has got hurt in the leg.

Nihaal checks the time and tells them that the program would have started. Gunjan runs to stop the teacher. Veera asks Ranvi how he will reach when he is hurt. Nihaal is carrying Ranvi and running. Veera is behind them. ‘Vande Maataram’ song plays in the background.Baldev is on stage. His parents are proud to see him. Nihaal and Ranvi are still on the way. Veera is finding difficult to catch them up. Chaiji and Ratan feel bad that Ranvi didn’t do the role. Nihaal keeps on running.

‘Long Live Revolution’ slogan is on. Lakshmi Bai says her dialogue. There is a parade of all the characters…

Update Credit to: seelaks

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