Veera 28th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Veera 28th February 2013 Written Episode, Veera 28th February 2013 Written Update

Veera and Gunjan sneaks into Baldev’s class to execute their plan. Its the PT period for Baldev so no one is there in the class. Ratan’s tractor is not working and she doesn’t really know how to get it started. Nihal comes and realizes its coz of engine-overheating. He helps her. She shares Sampooran’s dream and vision of the college with Nihal and Nihal is curious asking more info. Ratan wants to know the reason behind his actions now when he has donated the money he came to give. She senses he’s hiding something and says it too. Nihal however manages to dodge and Kartar too comes at that time. Seeing Kartar, Ratan is a little uncomfortable and says she’s got some work and will tell about Sampooran’s vision to Nihal later.

Ratan struggles with field work and Nihal is looking thoughtfully at her. Kartar offers that Ratan won’t accept any help in fields.

In the school Baldev is chiding one guy saying he stinks. He then takes his tiffin and goes for the lunch break. Veera and Gunjan tells everything to Ranvi and Ranvi is going to confront Baldev but Veera stops saying that she’s done what was supposed to. Baldev struggles to open his tiffin. The tiffin is filled with the cowdung and its falls all over Baldev. Kids make fun of him and he realizes its Veera’s doings.

Kartar shares with Gurpreet his concern for Ratan and also says that he thinks Nihal wants to work in her farms. Gurpreet is happy saying that would be good for Ratan as she needs a help too. But Kartar gets mad at her and walks away.

Veera is talking to Nihal saying that when her Papaji comes back she’ll too demand a lot many things from him. She says daughters are apple of their father’s eyes, she heard Balwant saying so and wonders her father will love her too as much. Nihal looks solemn.

Update Credit to: JungleeBilli

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