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Veera 28th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ranvi sitting in lockup. The inspector comes to him and reminds how his son met with an accident, because of him and says he will play a song for him now. He taunts Ranvi and says I will show everyone that you are in police station. The reporters ask about Ranvi to some people. The people does not tell them anything and leave. Veera and Gunjan are on the way coming to the police station. The media thinks its something fishy and go to the police station. Baldev is in police station. Veera asks what is he doing here. Baldev says he is making Ranvi released and takes back the FIR.

Ranvi comes out and sees Baldev. Gunjan gets glad. Veera hugs Ranvi and apologizes to him. Gunjan asks Ranvi how is he and asks him to come home with her. Ranvi looks at Baldev and they give each other

an angry stare. Gunjan asks Veera to come and they leave. The reporters take Ranvi’s pics and everyone is shocked. Baldev comes and tells the media that he came along Ranvi just like that and there is no case against him. The media reporters leave from there. Ranvi is stunned by Baldevs favor. Baldev asks her to be free and do whatever he wants. He scolds Veera and Ranvi, and asks him to go, of media knew why he was arrested, he would have not got any chance to take his career ahead.

Veera says you did it for Ranvi, I thought you won’t come, as you fought with Ranvi, you don’t do anything without any profit. Baldev scolds them and says he does not regret what he did with them, he did this for Gunjan. Gunjan thanks Baldev for agreeing to him. He scold her for misunderstanding him and Ranvi leaves with Veera. Gunjan says she is proud of Baldev, he is the best brother in the world.

Ranvi comes home and Chai ji hugs him. She says everything will be fine. Ratan cries and he stands still. Gunjan says Baldev took the complaint back and Balddev filed FIR in anger, when his anger cooled down, he realized this can be bad for my relation. Ratan says Ranvi did not do anything wrong till now. Chai ji says Ranvi came back home and now forget what happened, smile now.

Veera pacifies Ranvi and he realizes his mistake when he said elections will not matter in her life, he has ruined her life and marriage, he did not know this will have such effect. Veera asks him not to feel guilty. She cries and says she does not regret what pind thinks, she is upset that her husband has done this with my husband and cheated of by showing fake love. Ranvi hugs her. Gunjan comes and looks on. Ranvi says even I trusted Baldev, I regret that he bailed me out, he will show the favor all his life, it would be better if I was in jail, if he wants me to thank him, I will not, its all because of Gunjan, I can’t forgive them.

He says how are you staying in that house. Veera says Balwant cares for me, he understands and supports me, and she will not go if he does not want. Ratan asks them to come and have food. Ranvi hugs Veera. They sit to have food and Ranvi says its enough. Veera serves him more. Gunjan asks Veera is she going to welcome Baldev at home. Ratan says yes Veera, its very late now. Veera says yes, I will go now. She hugs Ranvi and leaves.

Veera comes home and Bansuri scolds her. She says Baldev left hme because of you. Veera asks did he not come till now, he took the complaint back. Ranvi is at home now. Balwant gets glad. Bansuri asks him to get Baldev home now. Balwant says no, he still has to apologize to Veera. He leaves. Bansuri gets angry and scolds Veera for making Balwant against Baldev.

Bansuri and Manjeet ask Veera to apologize to Baldev holding his feet infront of panchayat and his friends. Bansuri calls Baldev and asks Veera to say. Veera says she will not apologize. Baldev hears it.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Boring episode and nonsense serial pls stop it if u don’t have anything to show us again we tired for veera and balvde fighting

  2. ur ryt. boring n disgusting serial ever. now a days it’s much irritating. i think no one is interested in this serial

  3. digagana’s acting is irritating n her Hindi is poor. then, wht can i say abt her crying voice??

    1. If you have a problem with her acting then keep it to yourself! For all we know, you could be the worst actor in the world. If you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything at all. Digangana is a good actor it’s jut the script isn’t good! And your saying about her cryin voice, a matter fact se doesn’t use that chemical thing that makes you cry she uses her own tears which means she actually is crying !! I don’t thin they’re could’ve been a better person to play Veera other than Digangana Suryanvanshi !! So shut your word hole !

    2. u reALLY ARE MAD HARJ…….

  4. i loved this serial before. but writers r spoiling actors status also. plz change the plot. n harj, digagana is a good actress

  5. my fav is digagana as well as vishal. but the story is not going well now a days. but it’s not actor’s problem. they r doing as director says

  6. the old track was good. plz unite veera n baldev. how did baldev changed in such a state?? plz change the track as no one like this track

  7. Vishana is the best love them and no problem with the serial who has stop watching it

  8. its becoming so boring …let veera leave baldev he is not fit to have veera as his wife. both baldev n gunjan are characterless and senseless people gone on their selfish mother. t
    its always shown dat those two people who are selfish and characterless thankless enjoy much in life. unlike veera who is upright and good natured. Let veera leav dat selfish baldev n pind to become something better

  9. veera is everthng than all in that serial the problem is how director treat in her script

  10. Surely this serial not interesting I think this is new director thus y like to create more conflict all actors are good in their script the problem is dr.

  11. Surely this serial not interesting I think this is new director thus y like to create more conflict, all actors are good in their script the problem is dr.

  12. iam sure that this is the boring serial ever. of course i love all actors. but the plot… one can bear that

  13. i must say
    it is annoying…
    i loved the show before bt now it’s totally annoying. baldev is annoying more and veera is just speechless annoying…
    stop this…

  14. yeah…..plz stop this nonsense. just irritating. how ppl r watching this show patiently?? really boring

  15. such a boring serial this’d start from brother n sister lov then boyfriend n girlfriend lov bt nw there is no lov between any character….

  16. before dis serial was good. but now it’s such boring. plz stop this serial n start another. y it got extension?

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