Veera 27th May 2013 Written Episode Update

Veera 27th May 2013 Written Episode, Veera 27th May 2013 Written Update

Nimmo is crying during her bidaai. All are emotional. Veera asks Nimmo as why she is crying. Bansuri signals her not to ask anything but she doesnt stop. Veera repeatedly asks why Nimmo is crying and at the same time hugging everyone. She questions Chaiji about the same. Chaiji tells that Nimmo is crying as she is leaving her home. Veera says whats the need to cry when Nimmo is leaving by her mercy and no one is forcing her to go. Chaiji says in bidaai all will cry and by marriage new relations are formed. Veera then tells what her Veerji told (not to cry when new relations are formed and its the best). She says everyone not to worry/cry as Nimmo is just going two villages far away and all can meet her when they need to. Chaiji accepts what she says. Ratan tells that children can never become a stranger

for their parents. Nihaal says that its an occasion to celebrate and there is no need for anyone to cry. Ratan agrees with Nihaal and promises that Nimmo’s bidaai will be the best and different one.

Nihaal greets Nimmo’s in-laws who are waiting outside. He says they must be surprised but this is the different farewell and from now onwards every daughter will be sent to her in-laws home happily. Nimmo leaves for her sasuraal.

Nihaal starts to play the dhol. Ranvi and Veera goes inside as Veera feels sleepy. All ladies and children continue to dance. Balwant arrives. No one notices him. He is looking so sad. Chaiji and Ratan says if he had been a little earlier he would have seen the special farewell they gave. Police had also come with him. Balwant is emotional and asks everyone to stop dancing and singing. He starts crying. Everyone asks for what reason he is crying. Balwant says that Sampooran is no more. All are stunned by the revelation.

Chaiji says there must be some misunderstanding. Ratan shouts at alwant as how dare he could say such a thing. The policeman tells that what Balwant is saying is true. He hands over Sampooran’s clothes to Chaiji for checking. Chaiji is shocked to see that its Sampooran’s clothes. She makes Ratan to touch the clothes and asks to confirm whether its Sampooran’s. Kartar asks whether they are sure its Sampooran. The policeman tells that they tried to find his identity but couldnt find. So they cremated his body according to the government rules. Ratan in denial mode and says her Sarpanchji cannot leave her and go. She runs away. Balwant, Kartar and Nihaal follow her. Ratan stops near the tractor. She looks at it in dismay and then starts driving before anyone could stop her.

Veera is looking at the photos. She wants beeji to look beautiful as in photo. Veera wishes that her father should come soon so that her mother will get nicely dressed up always.

Ratan stops the tractor in middle and runs towards the fields. Nihaal runs behind her. Balwant and Kartar are no where to be seen. Ratan kneels down on the fields and shouts Sarpanchji. Nihaal is standing along with her. Ratan asks how come Sarpanchiji leave her when he had promised that she will die as a suhaagan. She questions as how come he break the promise when he keeps up to his promise always. Ratan tells Sampooran has once again broken her trust by leaving her. She repeats its for few times and cries loudly. Balwant and Kartar arrive with jeep. Ratan faints. Nihaal carries her. Kartar and Nihaal exchange stern looks.

All gathered in hall. Ranvi comes and asks what happened.

Update Credit to: seelaks

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