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Veera 27th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Veera seeing the culprit. The man pushes her and she tries to catch him. He runs away and she gets his shoe left there. She gets Baldev’s call and asks him to call police, she got a clue. She comes home and tells everything to them. The inspector tells his plan to nab the culprit by checking the shoe size and even the culprit will come here to see if anyone knows him. Manjeet gets worried. Everyone praise Veera for the brave thing she did. Dilawar comes and says he has gone to Gurudwara to pray for Ratan’s peace, she was like my mum.

The inspector asks Dilawar to try the shoe. Dilawar says its not mine. Ranvi asks him to try. Dilawar tries the shoe and it does not fit. They all see a man running and go after Pappu. They rush with the police and see Pappu committing suicide.

Pappu dies and takes the blame of Dilawar. Ranvi gets a letter and reads that he has done all this and is responsible for Ratan’s death. Dilawar sits and holds the head.

He says he has attacked Veera in the godown and his shoe was left there, he knew he will be caught so he is giving his life. Veera recalls and says the man who attacked her was wearing this clothes. The inspector says we should shut case now. Veera says we got easy death, he has made my mum die a bad death. Dilawar says Manjeet is use alive and Ratan after death and Pappu was used alive and even after death. Everyone talk about Pappu and he has got his death himself. Dilawar signs Manjeet. Veera says Pappu has done this by his wish, how can this be possible. Manjeet says many times people who look foolish is clever, leave about him now, we should think about Ratan and talk about the good time spent with her. Ranvi says she is right.

He cries seeing Ratan’s pic. Manjeet thinks Dilawar is clever to sacrifice Pappu and save himself. Ranvi sits dull. Gunjan comes to Ranvi and he apologizes to her for shouting on her about the food thrown. Gunjan tries to tell him what Ratan told her. Deepu comes and asks her to talk later, she wants to play. Gunjan goes and Ranvi plays with Deepu. Gunjan says Ranvi is happy when Deepu is around. Bansuri asks her to break their relation. Gunjan says whats the use, he is happy. Bansuri says she is innocent, you should not like Deepu, as he loves kids a lot and you can’t give him a child, if he sees daughter in Deepu, then Geet will also become part of his life.

She says he spends time with Geet for work and also Deepu, one day he will not have work for you. Gunjan cries and says she can’t make Ranvi away from her. Bansuri asks her to do something. Gunjan looks at Ranvi and thinks she will not let anyone break my relation with Ranvi.

Gunjan scolds Geet and Geet argues with her. Gunjan asks her not to step in this house and keep Deepu away from Ranvi.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Thnx amena…disgusting precap.feels like gunjan’s behaviour is getting bad day by day.

    1. yes

  2. I wonder why the writer still keep Bansuri why can’t they leave Ratan who is responsible sensible meek soft-spoken most of us in Nigeria watch your show because of that character. She’s very relevant in tha show missed her so much

  3. ratan ko nhi marna chahye tha!!! dilawar ko saza milni chahye

  4. Ratan was also the main role in this.she would nt hv dead..miss u ratan……Gunjan is like this from first.she always does a mistake and after apologizes.i dont like her..i luv veeba….precap is nt good. episode was so good……….

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