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The Episode starts with Bansuri hiding the matter from Baldev and giving lame excuses to hide the doctor and medicines story. Baldev asks her to take rest and not do any work, and ask Veera for help. He leaves. Veera thanks Bansuri. Bansuri says she has done this for Baldev. Ranvi comes on rehearsals and talks to Dolly, who tells him about Gunjan chosen as main lead and Dolly as side lead. Ranvi asks her about the dance, is it fast or slow.

She says your songs are soft music and its slow dance, Gunjan is very dedicated and works good. He asks does she get tired or take breaks. Dolly asks does he mean to ask they care for her or not. He says no, I wanted to know just if she is getting tired by more work. She says every shot is of less time, is she fine, why are you asking so many questions. He says

he is just worried and wanted to know will she manage or not. She says she will take care and he thanks her.

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Balwant talks to his Bhabhi/sister in law Manjeet Kaur and says Baldev will come to take you from bus stop. Bansuri hears this and thinks why is she coming now. She asks Balwant. He says why can’t she come, she has right to stay with us, its her house, she is my Bhabhi, she is coming 20-22 years and its our duty to welcome her with open heart, we are lucky that she is coming. She thinks why is she coming after so many years.

Baldev is glad and says Manjeet Tai ji is coming. Balwant asks him to pick her from bus stop on time. Bansuri says Baldev will not go. Baldev and Balwant ask why. Bansuri says we both will go to take her. She asks Baldev to get some items, and she knows what she eats and what not. Baldev says its long list and all this won’t be found in pind, I will get ate. She says yes, get it, everything should be like her choice. Baldev and Balwant get happy and ask her is there anything about property will.

She asks Baldev to go and he leaves. Ranvi sees Gunjan’s bag and thjunks she is inside having a bath. She asks her to use geyser and use warm water. She says she is just washing her face. He sees some paper and she comes, asking what was he doing. He says nothing, I was thinking to keep bag upstairs. She asks where did he go. He says yes, I went for some work. She says I came now, as rehearsals went for long time. He recalls Dolly saying Gunjan left early today stating some work.

He takes the bag and a paper falls. He sees the pregnancy report and thinks she went to do the test, she did good, and she is taking care, it means she will give me this good news very soon. She comes and he smiles hiding it. She asks why is he smiling. He hugs her and asks is she hungry. She says yes, a lot. He says yes, you get tired of rehearsals. She feels its good he does not the reason of my untimely hunger.

Veera arranges everything and keeps her dupatta aside. Manjeet comes and asks Bansuri about Baldev. Bansuri says he went for some work. Balwant says you come and takes her inside the house. Veera works and Manjeet sees her fixing the bulb. She greets Manjeet and Manjeet asks who is she. Veera says I m Baldev’s wife and shocks Manjeet. Manjeet says you did not tell me about his marriage. Bansuri says we have sent a card. Manjeet says but that marriage did not take place, when did this happen. She asks Bansuri did she forget everything.

Balwant asks what. Manjeet says no one called me to ask if I was coming in his marriage. Bansuri says I was calling you, but that marriage was called off. Manjeet asks what is this bahu doing here. Bansuri says this marriage did not happen by our wish, they did it. Manjeet asks how can they make her bahu. Balwant says no, its long story, it was decided with her and could not happen on that day, they married later in temple.

Manjeet says against family’s wish. Balwant says I will explian later, bless Veera. Veera greets her and Manjeet says what should I bless her, she does not have any quality to become my bahu. She says she does not wear any dupatta and came running to me, is bahu like this. She says she is sad seeing her. Bansuri makes Manjeet have her fav food and Manjeet is annoyed as they got Baldev to a wrong girl. Balwant praises Veera and says her mum is sarpanch of pind. Manjeet says I want to see Baldev.

She says even Gunjan would be grown up, why did Bansuri send him when you know I was coming, why did he not come to pick me. Bansuri says he went to market, he will come. Manjeet taunts Bansuri that she can’t hide Baldev. Bansuri thinks why did she come, by what motive, she has to find out.

Manjeet asks where is Veera going. Veera says to get milk for Baldev. Manjeet asks Veera to have bath ad then go to kitchen. Bansuri apologizes to Manjeet on Veera’s behalf, and Manjeet asks about Baldev.

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