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Veera 27th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Veera getting scolded by Bansuri. Bansuri blames her as Baldev left the home because of her. She scolds her. Manjeet says Balwant is supporting Veera, and now we will make her life hell. Veera leaves. Gunjan sees the reporters looking for Ranvi and meets them to divert them from the arrest news. She says Ranvi is not here, he went to Mumbai for some work. She says she does not know when will he come, and she will call her later. She asks some men not to let the media about Ranvi, else he will not get work. She requests them and the men agree.

She thinks to tell Ratan about this. Bansuri calls Baldev, when he is at his new home. She asks how is he, and where is he. He says he is fine and asks her not to worry. Gunjan comes home and asks for Baldev. Bansuri says he left home,

all because of Veera. Gunjan says she wants to tell Baldev to take the case against Ranvi back. Bansuri scolds her and Ranvi. Gunjan says we can talk later about this, but freeing Ranvi is important.

Bansuri asks does she not think about Baldev and scolds her, blaming Veera and Ranvi. Gunjan comes out and meets Veera. Veera says she will free Ranvi from jail, she will talk to lawyer. Gunjan says all this happened would have not happened if she did not stand in the elections, after knowing how Baldev wanted to become sarpanch. Veera says you know everything, I can take any risk, but this time it was about pind. Gunjan defends Baldev.

Ratan calls Gunjan and asks about Ranvi. Gunjan says he is fine. Baldev talks to the panchayat and gets respect from them. They leave and he gets happy on being congratulated. Baldev talks to Kohli and smiles seeing Gunjan at the door. He says thanks, someone thought about me from my family.

Baldev asks Gunjan to come. He asks is she not happy, he felt she will be happy seeing him, and he will not take back the case for Ranvi, and she can sit if she came to congratulate him. She says she is glad that his childhood dream is fulfilled, but she regrets that people are b*t*hing against him behind his back. She says he has to become better sarpanch than his dad, and he did not do anything good by putting Ranvi in jail, he can’t become good sarpanch by doing this, she met Ratan who wants her son to come back.

She cries and asks him to do a favor on her, she did not come for Ranvi, she came for him too, she did not do anything against him, and asks him to free Ranvi from jail. Baldev says Ranvi has beaten him so he filed the case, if he takes the case back, what will Ranvi think. She says she is happy for him and leaves. The media is in pind and hear about Ranvi. They try to know more from the villagers. They say about Ranvi going to Mumbai and hide all the matter to save his respect.

Gunjan comes and talks to Ratan, about Baldev refusing to free Ranvi. Veera comes home and asks how is Chai ji. Chai ji says how will she be, she wants Ranvi to come back home. Veera tells Gunjan that it does not happen good, but please don’t worry, everyone felt that husband and wife can keep professional matters apart and I stood in elections, but please don’t hate me. Gunjan says I did not ever say I hate you, I just said …. Veera says it was my mistake.

Ratan says if family is together in tough time, its good, situation is bad, not people. A man comes and greets them. Gunjan says he did not say anything to reporters. The man says he did not say anything, but reporters are asking others now. Gunjan thanks him for help. Ratan says what will we do. Gunjan says if media knows the news and go jail to ask him, Ranvi will be worried, I think we should alert Ranvi. Chai ji says no, he will be worried. Veera says Gunjan and I will manage everything and they leave.

Gunjan and Veera are on the way and rush to the police station. The media comes there. Gunjan and Veera see Baldev there.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. this Baldev is really disgusting.they say he is bad n he is proving every one right.he has not changed at all.Veera wit all ur so called intelligence u cld not decode his plans.this marriage shld just end.cos u two are diffent wit different mindset.

  2. digagana’s acting is awful n irritating. she’s crying as forceful

  3. Ys exactly i agree with u all her acting doesent seems original and the directors are making show pathetic by showing. Hate story of veera ….bullshit?i m not gonna watch this show ever now..


    too late a decision ally. i stopped watching the show long back. just check out written updates once in a while to see if there is any improvement. but no. written updtes are as disgusting as the show. wonder how people watch it patiently.

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