Veera 26th November 2014 Written Episode Update

Veera 26th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Veera warning Simran. Everyone ask about Baldev. Baldev is in his room and upset thinking about Veera. Bansuri and Amrit come to take him. Baldev says he does not want to come. Mahiya………………plays………… Veera comes to him and smiles. Ratan tells Chai ji that they should leave now, as its hard for Veera. Gunjan thinks Bansuri can’t see who is right for Baldev, how can she compare Veera and Simran. Gunjan says lets sing and dance, and Veera is best for it. Everyone clap for Veera. Ranvi asks Gunjan can Veera dance in this situation, she is not so brave. Gunjan says you know her, but I understand her as a woman, don’t worry, Veera will dance today.

Veera starts dancing happily shocking everyone. Punjabi wedding song……………..plays…………….simran

also joins her. Baldev dances with Simran and Veera. They have an eyelock. Gunjan dances with Ranvi. Mahiya…………..plays……………. Veera looks at Baldev. Rajveer comes there and stands in between them. Baldev sees him and gets annoyed. Amrit and Simran taunt Gunjan and Veera. Simran asks Veera to keep dancing in others’ marriage. Amrit says lets start haldi function. Simran and Baldev sit for haldi. Veera cries as Simran got haldi of Baldev’s name. Veera thinks about Baldev’s words and he will kidnap her to marry. She says she wants to marry in grand way with all functions. He says he will do everything for her. She cries and thinks why did he not do what he said.

Baldev comes and asks what he had to do. She wipes her tears. He asks why is she crying. Mahiya………….plays………… He asks what did she want him to do. She says Baldev………. Ranvi comes there looking for her. Veera goes and comes to Ranvi. He asks is she fine. She says yes and goes with him. Rajveer comes to Baldev and says Ranvi has started thinking about me and Veera, she will agree for marriage soon. Simran thinks where did Baldev go. He comes back and is upset. She smiles thinking he is annoyed with Veera, and its good she will pull him towards her. Ratan coughs and Nihaal gives her water. Ranvi looks on. Ratan sees its Nihaal and thanks him. Nihaal goes.

Simran and Amrit plan against Gunjan. Gunjan gets a call from someone asking money. She gets tensed and avoids the guests. The goon comes there to threaten her. Gunjan gets worried and asks him to leave. He says he will tell everyone why he came. Rajveer comes and the man leaves seeing him. Rajveer asks who was he and he will catch her. Gunjan asks him to leave this matter. Rajveer is stunned. Gunjan says don’t tell this to anyone. Ranvi comes there. She says not even Ranvi. Ranvi asks Gunjan to come as her parents are finding her. He asks why is she quiet. Rajveer says nothing, she was saying their childhood love story and she is lucky. Ranvi says he is lucky that she accepted him. Rajveer smiles.

Billa tells Baldev that if he marries Simran, that Veera will marry Rajveer. Baldev imagines Veera and Rajveer as married couple.

Update Credit to: Amena

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