Veera 26th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Veera 26th March 2014 Written Episode, Veera 26th March 2014 Written Update

Gunjan came at immigration center and says to manager that i want to go to foreign. Manager says, which country you want to go. Gunjan says, Cannada… Manager says, arrange money for it. Gunjan says, how much? Manager says, 3 lacs. Gunjan came outside and ranveer says, what happen gunjan, where you have gone. we are really get tensed. GUnjan says, nobody is enemy in this place except you. Baldev says, lets go to pind.
Veera has decided the price of wheat and buyer has given 4 lacs rupees to biji. Biji says, i couldnt believe that i got this money. Ranveer and chaiji gets happy. Biji says, take this money properly to home and put in my almirah. Veera says, i will do this work very carefully because you have given me first time any work.
GUnjan count the money and says, still i require more

money. If i cannot arrange money then how could i go to cannada. Veera came to home and tell that good news to ranveer and chaiji that they has sold the crop at price of 1300. Chaiji say, i pray to god that this type of good news came regularly. Veera says, i will remove all problem from you veerji. Veera says to chaiji, i am going to put this money in almirah. Gunjan heard all this and surprisingly says, 4 lacssss. Gunjan follows veera. Gunjan sees the money and keys of almirah. Veera came back to chaiji, i am very thirsty due to heat. Chaiji says, go and drink lassi from kitchen.
Chaiji thinks that we have to keep the key until biji came. Gunjan came and tries to open the key. Gunjan says, shitttt i had missed this opportunity. Chaiji says, oye chicdi how could you forget to put key in proper place. Veera says, how could i forget it. BIji and ranveer came and chaiji says, this holi has bring good news for us.
Biji says, it is good for me that ranveer came back, we have buy pesticide. Biji says, this good news is due to veera. Chaiji says, keep this keys very safely until you deposit money in bank. GUnjan came into room and says,
everybody’s dream is going to completed except me. Two women came and says, my putra got an admission in delhi university.
Gunjan goes to bathroom and ranveer says, close the door and put your clothes in a proper way. GUnjan clothes get wet. Ranveer says, may i help you. Gunjan says, nothing.

Precap:- Veera insulted gunjan and says, dont think that others are illiterate.

Update Credit to: tushar_sharma

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