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The Episode starts with Baldev coming home smiling. Bansuri asks him to dry his hair else he will get fever. He is simply smiling and dries her hair. She says what happened to you, your hair are wet, dry it, I will make tea. He says no, let it be, its looking sweet, I want to be like this all my life, I don’t want tea, give my share of tea to poor. She is stunned and thinks what happened to him. Baldev goes to his room. Bansuri comes to Balwant and asks him to see what happened to Baldev. He says don’t worry, I stopped worrying, as nothing can happen to him. She says he talks to himself and looks like drunk. He says maybe he had wine. She says no, wine’s smell does not come. He says I m worried what wrong path is he following now.

Ranvi sees Gunjan look gorgeous. She says we went to parlour

and is looking modern right. He says yes, I m shocked to see so many colors on one person. He laughs on her and asks what happened to you, whats all this. She gets annoyed. He makes her wear the jewellery. O Rabba plays……………… He opens her hair and makes her look like usual. He makes her wear the dupatta and says my Gunjan does not need to do anything to look beautiful, as it lies in her simplicity. She hugs him. Veera is smiling in her room. She gets Baldev’s call and says you were missing me right. Baldev says no, I had work with you.

She asks what. He says I was not getting my hanky, is it with you. She says no. He ends the call. He calls her again and says I had to buy an umbrella, so was thinking which one to buy. She says pink color and laughs. He calls again and asks whats this stupid answer. She says for the stupid question, why don’t you tell me truly that you are missing me and making reasons to call me. He says I will buy black one. She says fine, don’t disturb me, I m going in Ranvi’s album party with Ranvi and Gunjan.

Gunjan comes and sees her smiling. She asks her to come fast. Veera leaves. They come in the party. The music director asks Ranvi to have wine and he refuses. He insists and gives him the glass. Ranvi keeps it back. Baldev calls Veera and she asks him not to disturb. He says come out for two mins. She says what, fine coming. She is glad seeing him there and smiles. She says what if anyone sees you. He says you tell me you like surprises, so I came, and I brought something for you. He gives her a flower and smiles.

He says I did not have time to buy good roses, but got these flowers from road. She takes it and says its very interesting. He says smell it, its really nice. She says yes very nice. He says you are looking a Pataka. She says Pataka. He says yes and praises her. Gunjan comes and says Veer ji? Baldev sees her and gets tensed. Veera hides the flowers. Gunjan asks what are you doing here. Baldev says I…. I came to meet Ranvi, I spoke to him and he told me about album party, I came here to city for work, and it ended so I came to greet him. Gunjan says great, come and play the game We have to do whats in chits and answer some questions.

Baldev says I m coming, you go. Ranvi goes on the stage with the chit and says I have to tell something in my heart which I can’t get on my tongue. Everyone ask him to tell it. Ranvi looks at Gunjan and says the thing I have hidden in my heart is my love for my wife Gunjan, I love her a lot. Her smile increases my happiness and her tears fill sadness in my life, her love is my strength and my love is that which I want to say but when I see her face, my voice does not come out, words melt. Gunjan smiles. Everyone clap for him.

Veera challenges Baldev and tell everyone that he loves her. He says what, how did you get such dangerous thoughts. She laughs on him and says stop calling yourself a tiger. Veera talks to Ranvi and you spoke very beautifully to express your love, Gunjan might be very happy. Gunjan smiles and asks where is Baldev. Ranvi says is he here? Gunjan says yes. Veera says he came to congratulate you, and we called him here.

Baldev goes on stage and smiles. Veera gets tensed. Baldev says I have to tell something to all of you. He says it’s a challenge and I will do it. He says I always play challenge challenge and always won. He says I want to tell you all that the thing is I….

Gunjan tells Ranvi he will have many more Jalsa parties like this. Ranvi says its good Baldev came. Gunjan says you told him so he came. Ranvi says I did not tell him. Gunjan is puzzled.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. nice epi. iam impatient to wait for monday

  2. Very disappiontment ..becuase they forgot the meaning of the serial..a unique mother ..they dont play the title song anymore…and veera aka digangana suryavanshi. Is only 17. . How is she allowed to do these scences. .. just offense

  3. Really I agree with what yes they have forgotten serial name…its not two lovers story…its story of veer and sister….they have stopped playing song ek veer ki ardas veera…and in childhood veera used to tell everything to his veer…us nay ranvi say koi bat nai chupai…lakin ab veera ranvi say aur ranvi veera say batain chupata hy…why veera doesn’t tell ranvi about her love…
    Writers else change serials name…because ek veer ki ardas veera now doesn’t suit

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