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The Episode starts with Balwant telling Veera that Bansuri fell from chair in kitchen. Veera says it looks her hand really broke. He asks what. She says I feel her bone break this time. Bansuri says I was going to help her in finding dates and I fell. Balwant asks how did she get on the chair when she was unable to move her hand. She says she is getting hurt and not taking her to doctor. Veera says she will take her. Bansuri says why will you take me, doctor will ask why did my husband not come. Baldev comes and asks what happened. They tell him that she fell again. Bansuri thinks Baldev and Veera will be alone at home if I go. She asks Baldev to come.

Balwant says no, you said doctor will ask why did your husband not come, I will take you. He asks Veera and Baldev to rest. They leave. Gunjan comes

home and Ranvi cares for her. He gives her a shoulder massage and asks is she fine. She says she is fine. He closes her eyes and takes her for a surprise. Veera smiles and blocks Baldev’s way. He gets angry and she gets closer to him, getting romantic. He asks what is she doing. She says seeing in your eyes. Mahiya…………..plays…………….

She closes her eyes and gets very close to kiss him. A sound disturbs them and she picks the medicines from the floor. He helps her and she smiles. He says I had to say thanks to you. She asks why. He says for helping Biji. She says I m your wife, you made me a stranger that you are thanking me, I m doing what I should. He holds her hand and stops her. He says I had to say sorry. She asks for what.

He says I shouted on you for judicial docs, I know you did your best. She hugs him and flirts. She asks him to take her on lunch and laughs. He leaves. Bansuri gets the dressing done for her fracture and cries. Balwant brings her home and asks her why did she stand on chair, now take medicines. He gets a call and leaves. She looks for Veera, she left Baldev alone. She sees Veera mixing tablet in milk and asks what is she doing.

Bansuri asks what is she doing and which medicine is she mixing. Veera gets tensed. Gunjan asks what surprise. Ranvi makes her sit and shows the food. She says its my fav dishes. He says yes, so I made it myself. I felt you will be tired and made it. Chai ji helped me in making this. Chai ji smiles. Gunjan says I wish I get such good food. He says he can do anything for her and serves her food. He says have food and tell me how did I cook.

She laughs and eats the food. She likes it. Bansuri asks Veera about the medicine and is she doing any black magic. Veera says its not poison, its medicine for Baldev given by doctor. Bansuri says you mean he is mad. Veera says he is traumatized, he needs treatment, don’t call him mad, he has been in jail and went through torture, the doctor is neuro surgeon and mad people don’t go there, every person having brain injury or trauma meet him. Bansuri says I will tell Baldev.

Veera says you are becoming his enemy, I won’t let this happen. Bansuri scolds her and says I will tell him right away. Veera holds her hand and stops her. Veera says she won’t let her do this, if she wants to reach Baldev, she has to first break her, I know you want to make me leave from his life, I don’t care, let him get fine. Balwant comes and asks whats happening here.

Ranvi says he made sweets and Gunjan hugs him, saying she does not know why is he showering love, but whatever the reason, don’t let it get less. He says never, I will always shower the love that you get spoiled. Chai ji asks Ranvi to take care of her. He says she should not go to dance rehearsals now. Chai ji asks him to meet doctor so that they can know what to do and what not. Gunjan looks glad.

Balwant says Veera is not doing wrong thing. I have seen Baldev after coming from jail, he is in trauma, she is right, I have seen him getting better, he needs the medicines, if you want to see your son good, then don’t say him anything. Baldev comes and asks what. They look at him shocked.

Ranvi meets the doctor and asks her how to take care of his wife. She says you are doing very well, but why did you not bring her. He asks about Gunjan’s dance rehearsals and getting tired, she is worried. She says if its slow dance, then fine, but fast dance will be bad, I can do her checkup and tell you. He says Gunjan did not tell us anything, Chai ji told me seeing her state, she said it happens that pregnant women don’t believe its really happening. She says Chai ji is very mature, I m glad you both are taking care of her, and first one week to Gunjan, she will tell everyone, and make her get blood checkup done.

He says what about dance. She says ask them how she is dancing, is she putting much energy and getting tired, then see what you can do. Baldev asks them to say why are they all silent. Bansuri looks on.

Bansuri hears Balwant saying its good you are coming to stay with us, and says Manjeet Kaur. Bansuri says why is she coming suddenly.

Update Credit to: Amena

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