Veera 26th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Veera 26th February 2013 Written Episode, Veera 26th February 2013 Written Update

veera says veerji cut the kite cut it and just then ratan realizes that veera is not holding the kite she leaves it veera says why did you leave the kite ratan says it got cutted’.ratan searches for someone’.she hugs MC and cries ‘ MC says don’t cry see how my chote chand is flying the kite’balbeer says ranvi you will make me loose balbeers sis says you can loose cut the kite’ranvi in mind says if I win balbeers sis will get disheartened so ranvi decides to loose the competition’.ranvis kite gets cut and its flying high in the sky’ ranvi is looking at it’veera in mind god see our kite properly MC says send my guddu back’ranvi says send this letter to my papaji’ ratan in mind I have forgiven u hope you get the message come back to your pataka kaur’

[Night time]

is happy and running around cooking is going on one side’and sleeping on bansuris lap and his legs are on gunjans legs (aargh bad manner) just then balwant comes to announce something bansuri says hope he does not declare anything new now’and balwant says the work which we will do now the whole pind will be happy bansuri is shocked hearing this ‘. Ratan tells MC that she has pain in her head so she leaves but balwant takes sampoorans name and says sampoorans dream was to make a agricultural school for the girls and boys over here so that they can learn new techniques of agriculture’. balwant says some one has donated money he is gods man a guy asks his name balwant says I cant reveal the name he has instructed me that’ and says such a gud news I never got in my whole life he now wishes everyone happy basant panchami’.nihal sees and hears this he is happy’ ranvi has tears he takes veera and goes to balwant and says tell the person thanks from my side’and he leaves’.balwant now comes to ratan and says I am seeing you happy after too long ‘ ratan says happy basant panchami too whole pritram pur she asks when will work start and he says I have got 5 lakhs the work will start soon’now we see everyone happy and dancing’ratan has flash backs of gud times which she spent with sampooran’and a smile plays on her face’.gunjan and veera dancing nihal silent’(bg nice song is being played with basant panchami lyrics)’ now we see ratan and nihal also dancing’.ratan is very happy and seeing her nihal is happy’.ratan remembers that nihal was here to pay the loan of 5 lakhs and she connects it with nihal who had given same amount as a unknown person’she shouts his name ans asks did u give money for agriculture school he is silent she again repeats the same nihal says I cant hear ratan now shouts’ but it becomes loud as the dhols which were playing around them have stopped


Ratan again asks him balwant says parjayi ji ratan stops him and says I want to know the ans today he is not from this pind also why did he give money this dream was of sarpanch ji then why is he interested’ nihal says its not a matter of pind but its beneficial to everyone ‘ ratan says why this pind only 5 lakh is big amount give me proper answer swear on god’ nihal says u made me do this’ I had come with 5 lakh rs to you I had told you I wanna get rid of the credit’. but u declined it’

Nihal says I wanted to give the money back u declined u told from whom you took credit give him the money I did that only’see you had told that me and sampooran should handle this money matter so now tell me this was his dream you want it to be incomplete balwant says nihal is not wrong neither his intentions he had told me to hide his name if his intentions were wrong why would he do that ‘ now everyone supports him and says you have a big heart we all are thankful to you’.everyone is happy ranvi veera come and hug nihal’

Precap-gunjan tells veera that the box which was sent to her was done by her bro veera says I will tell veerji but gunjan says I have a better idea’and she tells something in her ears

Update Credit to: Rashu

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