Veera 25th October 2013 Written Episode Update


Veera 25th October 2013 Written Episode, Veera 25th October 2013 Written Update

scene 1 ratan chaijin balwant scenses , kids dont know anything n ratan request workers 2 find other job dsadly

ratan is crying looking towarsd sampoorans photo n says how will i manange i ve to pay big loan ye me meera saath kya ho raha hain chaiji enter the room n sees ratan crying ratan tells her about the whole panchayat drama n loan , surjeet has taken pritampura pple asgainst her n everything chaiji consoles ratan
dinner time ranvi sees his beeji upset n asks her she doesnt say anything veera tries to cheer her up but fails ranvi asks chaiji what happened chaij say i says about money operation n is abt to abt land loan whwn ratan signals not to say antyhing veera runs like pt usha to her room n comes back riunning like pt usha n shows ratan the diamons evryone shocke ratan yells at

her n says this is somebody s amamnt takesthe diamond n leaves to balwants house
balwant n ratan are talikng n ratan shows balwant the diamong telll that kept it balwant is suprised n happuy n say sthat you can repay the loan with it
lagta hain ratan is iiritated everyone so talks loudly wiyth balwant n says that ive self n evrything balwant sorry ratan talkjs to some worker named sukdev on her farm n says that i diont ve the courage to tell all the workers find other jobs sukhdev understands n goes to tell the other workers

veera classroom drama , babli n baldev frame veera , veera in principal office . ranvi distressed

veera is in her classroom with her other classmateds gunjan is alkready present says teh best 2 veera n leaves meanwhile in the same class someother boy is looking at babli n her pencilbox i guess he just wanted 2 iiritate babli so that boy snatches bablis pencil box babli yells chor to him evrybody turns around that boy starts fighting with n babli n says even i ve this kind of pencil box n gives her tashan looks to babli n ccalls her pagal /crazy that boy goes bac 2 his seat while baldev enters veers\as class asks babli in low tone babli smiles n nods and baldec also smiles n nods probably some code word n veera teachers enters baldev tells teacher that he had come to give bali a pencil n gives babli the pencil sweetly n leaves teaches gives anwersheets n question veear is geeting jitter seeing question papaer and babli has a smirk smile on her face
the exam starts teacher is not looking towarsd the class babli throws the chit towarsd veera it land onthe ground where veera is siting then teachers see the chit n asks babli is this urs babli replies innocently no sly creature babbli teacher check her handwriting evrything is not matching so she checks verra anwersheetsit matches n without telling veera takes her to princi office while ranvi see sthat from his class but cant go becoz of his exam so he requests the teacher to lethim go but teacher says no ranvi distressed

princi ranvi veera and female teacher are in the office ranvi yells veera did you doit veera says no veerji sadly
female taecher says why are you lying about it tahta to infront of ravi ur brother n compalinds to princi tthat she cheated ranvi sorry teacher par im sure didnt do anything princi is in a dilema

Update Credit to: lizzie1765

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