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The Episode starts with Amrit asking Gunjan to shut her mouth, else she will tell her card playing and loan taking truth to everyone. She threatens her and asks Gunjan to keep jewelry back and not tell Bansuri anything. Gunjan agrees and says she has to talk to Bansuri. Veera tells Billa and Jaggi about Simran and Amrit cheating Baldev and his family. She says she called him, and he went seeing Rajveer. Billa says Rajveer is not a good person. Veera says she is not marrying Rajveer and have to stop Simran and Baldev’s marriage. She says she did mistake to tell Simran that she knows her truth, thinking she will be scared and admit her truth, but she played safe and made Bansuri stop me from attending marriage. She says she has to find everything about Simran and her complete background history.


says how will we postpone marriage in three days. Veera says we have to do something, its about Baldev’s life. Gunjan thinks how can she go without telling truth to Bansuri. Bansuri meets her. Gunjan gives her shagun from her inlaws and is annoyed on her for insulting Veera. She says we won’t come in marriage, not even me. Bansuri says Baldev is your brother. Gunjan says I m their bahu and can’t see this. Bansuri tells Veera has scared Simran and so she has done this. Gunjan says Veera can’t do this, I trust Veera more than Simran. She says if Veera does not come here, even I won’t come. She leaves. Baldev hears everything and is angry on Simran. Simran talks to some guy and flirts with him. She says she loves him. She is shocked seeing Baldev behind her. She asks when did he come.

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He says he does not want to know. He says she should not complaint about Veera to anyone, she is his childhood friend. She cries and says she told Bansuri aas Veera has scared her. He says she should not backbite about her to Bansuri and him. He leaves. Simran wipes her tears and says he is still in love with Veera. Gunjan comes home and tells Ratan and Chaiji that she told Bansuri that they won’t attend marriage. She says they are also her family. She thinks she can’t tell about Amrit and Simran’s truth. She says Simran told wrong things about Veera. Ranvi says yes, Veera can’t scare her, she went there for our sake.

Balwant comes and says he is happy to see they all have so much love and respect to Gunjan, that she is favoring inlaws over us, and all this is done by Bansuri. He asks them to come in Baldev’s marriage and apologizes to them. He asks them to come along Veera. Balwant asks them to please come and folds hands. Ranvi says don’t fold hands, you are elder, you should not apologize. Gunjan cries and hugs him. She says Bansuri did mistake and he is saying sorry. He says yes, she is my wife. Chai ji promises they all will come. Balwant says I will wait for you. Veera talks to her friend and gets an idea. Billa and Jaggi come to her and says Balwant convinced her family to come to marriage. Veera tells her idea about getting Simran’s phone log. They bring some holi color to mix in her haldi. She smiles and says now we will see her.

The haldi ceremony starts at Baldev’s home. Nihaal comes and looks at Baldev. Baldev is upset and leaves. Ranvi and Veera come along with family. Veera is upset too. Ranvi asks does she really want to come. She smiles. Ranvi says then come. Bansuri hugs Simran and smiles. She sees Veera and Ranvi, along with Gunjan and family. Amrit thinks will Gunjan stay quiet or not. Balwant welcomes them and thanks them for keeping his word and respect. He goes to attend call. Bansuri welcomes everyone and looks at Veera. Simran acts sweet and touches Chai ji’s feet. She asks her to bless her to keep Baldev happy and make him forget all his old sufferings.

Chai ji blesses her. Simran touches Ratan’s feet and greets Ranvi. She says she felt good Veera came. Veera says she came in her childhood friend’s marriage. She asks Simran to hug her. She hugs Simran surprising her. She holds her tight and threatens her slowly, that her fate is written with Baldev, so she is here even after her acting.

Baldev gets angry by all the functions. Billa says he will get Baldev there. Veera sees Baldev and smiles.

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