Veera 25th March 2014 Written Episode Update

Veera 25th March 2014 Written Episode, Veera 25th March 2014 Written Update

Episode starts with veera and baldev chats. Veera traps baldev in their chat. Veera says, ranveer veerji eat food of biji hand made food. Baldev says, now gunjan will make food for us. Baldev says, what you want to eat? Biji says, aloo ke parathe. Baldev says, oye i will not get insulted, now gunjan will make aloo ke parathe.
Veera taunts to gunjan while gunjan cooking food. Veera says, i am feeling very happy to see you that you are doing kitchen work. Baldev and everybody shouts on parathe.
Gunjan came and served parathe. Baldev says, oye gunjan has cooked food in this house, ranveer will eat around 15-20 parathe. Baldev says, i am profitable in both of case. Ranveer came into kitchen and unfortunately gunjan hands burnt. Gunjan show attitude but ranveer says, dont get anger to injured yourself.
Gunjan cries and baldev come and says, oye what happen, we are just joking. Gunjan says, this is not a joke and you all want to let me down everytime. This is all veera’s trap. Baldev says, why you always thinks wrong about veera. Gunjan says, leave me alone. Baldev says, i am going to city, i was thinking that you will also come with me. Gunjan says, ok veerji i will also come. Baldev inform to everyone that we are going to city. BIji says, ranveer, you also gone to city with gunjan, you also not gone to anywhere for honeymoon. Ranveer hesitate but veera says, gunjan bhabi wants you to go with her.
Ranveer says, ok i will go with them. Baldev says, veera you can also come with us. Baldev buy mobile with ranveer. Baldev choose 18 thousand phone and ranveer select simple phone. Gunjan gets a phone of bank manager and manager says that she will gets around 75 thousand in place of jewellery. Gunjan says, ok i will tell you later.
Gunjan see the youth in city and one lady ask to gunjan, where you from, i think you are not from city. Gunjan says, i am from pritampura. Lady says, i think you are really married. gunjan says, yes. GUnjan says from herself, i dont have good destiny. I have to fulfil my dream, i cannot live there. Gunjan see the poster of immigration job poster.

Precap:- Gunjan reaches at immigration center and owner says, it will require around 3 lacs rupees for foreign jobs.

Update Credit to: tushar_sharma

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